Solo 3 Gallon Rollabout Sprayer



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Just let the wheels carry the weight for you!

This sprayer is designed to make quick work of big jobs. Take the full featured Solo 457 professional 3 gallon handheld sprayer, add the heavy-duty two wheel caddy and you have a new and improved Solo 457 Rollabout. This heavy-duty wheeled caddy is designed to handle rough terrain and adds stability when the tank is upright. The larger tank and caddy profile add height, which is a backsaver when pumping and rolling.
The 72in hose makes it convenient to park the sprayer and go about remote spraying tasks. Large rugged piston pump for quick pressurization. Built-in valve for optional inflation by air compressor. Large 4-1/2in tank opening for easy filling and cleaning. HDPE tank with UV inhibitors is long lasting and resists corrosion. A 28in lightweight, unbreakable wand and commercial shut-off valve with lock-on/lock-off feature minimize fatigue. Includes 4-nozzle assortments for multiple spraying tasks. For safety a pressure relief valve releases excess pressure.

Product Information


  • 3 gallon tank
  • Heavy duty HDPE tank with UV inhibitor
  • 28 in long poly wand
  • 72 in long hose
  • 4-1/2 in wide fill opening
  • Includes four-nozzle assortment for multiple spraying tasks

Product Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Professional Quality
  • Built-in valve for optional inflation by air compressor
  • Separate built-in valve for pressure release


  • Covered by manufacturer 5-year limited warranty

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from NY

When it works its great. When it stops it's useless.


Sturdy sprayer but used maybe 10-15 times and liquid comes pouring out the top and doesn't work. Called about warranty and you get a bunch of bull about keeping up maintenance. The plastic pump cylinder just isn't working properly. This is less than 2 years old! Expensive piece of junk.