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Use the power of the sun to keep clean drinking water thawed at temperatures down to 20°F.

Fresh water is important year-round, but tough to find in the winter. This insulated waterer is an earth-friendly solution. Pulls apart for easy cleaning. Keeps water clear and cool in the summer as well. 8.5-inch diameter, 3-inch high. Holds 1 quart.

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  • 8 and 1/2" wide, 3" high
  • Made of injection-molded plastic
  • Holds a quart of water

Product Features

Solar Sipper has a covering that keeps water clean. However, birds can still access the water

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QUESTION: How exactly does this work? ANSWER: It is really simple. The red bowl has a black inner bowl that adds to the insulation factor. The lid is black which adds to retaining heat from the winter sun.

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from MA

Solar Sipper


Not sure why some have no luck with this. I've had one for 20 years and used it in two different residences and always have birds drinking from it. I dropped mine and it finally got a crack in it and it still works. Some people need to be more patient and moving it around is not the answer at all. Birds need consistency. I advise leaving in one spot and changing the water daily. If you leave it out overnight it will freeze over.


nice units


We developed this to heat water with winter sun and to keep water cooler in summer. Most important is to place in sun and in winter keep free from strong winds which tend to cool the surface more than the sun can heat. No wires and will not stop working in winter like many of the electric ones do when their heater burns out.

from MI



totally does not work, I bought 2 of them what a sucker I was, T want my money back

from NJ

Solar Sipper is great


I bought this bird sipper because I [have a] bird bath in my yard and with the winter, I cannot use [it] since the water freezes. I will hang the bird sipper from my pergola and see the birdies drink fresh and not freezing water.

from OH

Solar Sipper Water Warmer


Tried over a two month period last winter. It did not attract any birds and our yard is a bird paradise. I moved it to different locations and still no luck. It seems to be a great idea but is hard to clean, the water will freeze, and appears to be too deep. I would not recommend buying it.

from NJ

Execution needs tweaking


I've never seen a bird use this as shown in the photo. Birds don't seem to like having their feet flat; they would rather grasp a perch of some kind. I have seen squirrels use it. Oh, well, I guess they're people too.

from PA

Solar Sipper Water Warmer Bird Station


Product concept is a good idea but I didn't notice birds using it - maybe because the water level was too low. I think the surface area for the water needs to be larger and maybe not as deep (maybe a shallow black dish that would melt the water - more like a traditional bird bath). Make it all black to absorb the light and heat the snow/ice in the sun. I piled snow on it a few times and it melted but it took a lot to fill up the reservoir and then I think the water became stagnant after a while so the birds didn't go for it.

from VA

solar sipper functioning


It works great and the squirrels and birds like it. The squirrels drink from it even when there's other water... like warm water? You do want to keep it filled high enough so the mosquito larvae are washed out at least every third day, or else I guess you could put a mosquito dunk that's harmless to wildlife in it. I bought this for my mother for a gift.

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