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Spend More Time Enjoying Your Planters and Less Time Watering

Soil Moist Water Saving Mats for hanging baskets and containers are a welcome solution to keeping potted plants hydrated. Their highly absorbent design sandwiches water storing Soil Moist polymer crystals in a cellulose liner. Each mat measures 7" x 7" and holds up to a quart of water. Easy to apply, simply place the mat in the bottom of the container and water. The mats slowly release the stored water back to the roots as the soil begins to dry out. Six pads per package.

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  • Reduces the time and effort of daily plant waterings
  • Easy to use, just line the bottom of a container, then add water and plant
  • Absorbs a quart of water then slowly release it back to the plant's roots
  • Helps eliminate soil run-out during watering

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