Soil Moist Plus 7-7-7 Granular, 10-Pound Pail



Item # SMG10
Ship Weight 9.10 lbs
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We've all heard about moisture-holding polymers and their benefits to growers - including 50 less watering, more consistent growth, and reduced plant stress. Now Soil Moist has taken these polymers to the next level by creating quality blends that offer all of these advantages PLUS mycorrhiza, fertilizers, rooting hormones, beneficial fungi, vitamins, and more. Polymer absorbs over 200X its weight in water. See the difference beneficial mycor fungi, fertilizer, and consistent watering can make. Less water stress means healthier, more valuable stock and greater transplant survival. Designed not to "float" out of the soil: keeping benefits at the roots. A blend of granular polymer and an 8 to 9 month timed release 7-7-7 fertilizer. Feeds your plants as it releases water stored by the polymer crystals. Use 4 tsp per 10" pot, or 3 oz per caliper inch of tree. 10 lb pail

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