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Precise irrigation for that new or favorite tree AND NOT the grass around it!

Provides moisture to the roots where they need it most, while reducing water usage up to 70%! Installs above or below ground, or cover with mulch to make it practically invisible. Connect the soaker hose around individual trees and shrubs for perfect irrigation. Hose measures 6-feet. Simply connect the soaker hose to a garden hose and turn the spigot 1/4 turn.

Product Information


  • Six foot piece of soaker hose with female couplers on each end, one "y" connector
  • When coiled in two loops like the picture, the diameter of the coils is about 14"
  • When coiled in only one loop, the diameter of the coil is about 25"
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    Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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    QUESTION: Can you connect more than one piece of hose around the same tree? ANSWER: Not normally, the soaker hose has female connectors on both ends; only connects to the male threads on the "y" adaptor included. However, an additional "Y" fitting can be added before the "Y" that comes with this unit, and an additional hose can be run to another soaker hose. If several soakers are being hooked together, the additional "Y" fitting should have shut-offs, so that the flow to each soaker can be

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    from VA

    Hose busted open


    Within one month, one of the two rings burst from the connector, making it useless. Apparently it is not sealed well enough to withstand water pushing through it.

    from SC

    short soaker hose


    It saves you a lot of water. It is somewhat fragile however; had some pinholes where water shot out 12 inches high. Have five of these hooked up in series around some small holly trees. Overall, the best plan for my application, but could be made more substantially to last longer.

    from TN



    I bought 4 of these because I really liked the concept, but they have each failed to meet the test of time. In each instance the hose developed large leaks making it useless. This is true despite the fact that I installed a flow control device on the unit in an effort to keep the pressure to a minimum while the water was flowing.

    from TX

    Soaker Hose Tree Ring


    I am very please with this product. I find it easy to get a new tree or shrub started when I have the ability to get water to all the roots. This product is well made and reliable.

    from PA



    Product performed fine. Hose was fine. Y-connector could be better.