Snowcaster 3-Foot Snowblade with Wheels



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Clears snow in HALF the time with HALF the effort of traditional shoveling!

Snowcaster Snowblade delivers a wide 3 foot swath to drastically cut down on your shoveling time. Saves your lower back as you can push the snow AND NOT lift and throw it. Snowcaster Snowblade clears paths quickly. Simple design allows you to remove snow while keeping your body in an upright, walking position. Instead of relying on the strength of your lower back, you use your body weight, legs, and arms. Minimizes work by pushing instead of lifting and throwing. Work smarter, not harder by managing your snow accumulation. Stores easily and out of the way. MADE IN THE USA!! 3 foot wide blade, 45 inch handle, 6 inch wheels.

Product Information


  • Poly blade
  • Blade width is 36", blade height is 7 & 1/2" (some assembly instructions referring to an 11" high blade but our model has the 7 & 1/2")
  • Handle is 45" long
  • Wheels are 6" high
  • Weighs 12 lbs

Product Features

  • Blade pivots to make it easy to turn
  • Cleans driveways and sidewalks in half the time of shoveling
  • Makes managing snow accumulation easier
  • No need to start an engine in cold weather

Product Benefits

  • The time it saves gives you extra time in the morning before you go to work, or extra time to help the neighbors or the elderly
  • Helps keep sidewalks safe
  • Cleaner in the environment than a gas-operated blower


  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty


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from NE

Ease of snow removal


I like this blow type of snow removal. I shoveled some snow then borrowed a plow and after using it my wife kissed me and said we could buy one, after all she may use it. I do the neighbors walk also. Recommend they look at increasing angle of blade by 5 to 9 % more, may push snow to side easier.

from OH

Easy on the back clean driveway


The snow caster was easy to use and made quick work of our driveway.

from NY

Lives up to Previous Reviews


I was skeptical when I bought it, but the glowing reviews made take a chance. I have not been disappointed. This little plow does wonders with small snow fall, the kind where it is enough to slip on but not enough to warrant the snowblower. The poly blade is tough and the plastic frame has held up even when I overloaded it. I recommend using this on only light snow. Anything over a couple of inches will make for heavy work. But using this after the snowblower really cleans things up nicely.

from MA

Snowcaster Snowblade


Excellent snow removal equipment. A great back saver. Easy to use. Cleans to the pavement. Highly recommend.

from PA

Excellent product


Easy to assemble, sturdy and performs above expectations. Easy to push 3 - 5" of snow; even heavy, wet snow, without lifting or straining your back.

from NY

Snow removal is a Cake Walk!


This mini-plow has all the right features. It pushes slush right or left with ease; flips to the other direction effortlessly. The wheel mechanism makes pushing easy and the front edge does not catch. This plow is light yet well made. Its perfect for my asphalt drive. Now, I do not have to pay $40 to have my driveway plowed when I get 4 inches of snow or less. Paid for itself in 1 season; built to last many.

from MA

Great Shovel


This shovel is real easy to use and makes moving snow a breeze. Its great for a 5 to 6" light snow and also can be used for the heavy wet snow for up to 1". We use it commercially and usually get a year out of the shovel. Typically we just have to replace the blade. Home owners could probably get 5 to 6 years out of the shovel and maybe even longer.

from MN

snowcaster snowblade


I liked the angle blade & the wheels are a plus.

from IL

Cut my shoveling time in half


I would agree with the review that I read that said great for light snow 3”- 4”. You may be able to get away with 5” if the snow is not wet. I have a 12 unit building with a parking lot that is about 45’ x 50’. I also have about 150’ of sidewalk around the building. I will normally only hand shovel when we have less than 3” of snow. It normally takes me about 60 – 90 minutes using a snow blower when we have snow between 3” to 1’ (all bets are off when we are over 1’ in a single pass). I live in the Chicagoland area and we got 6” – 8” of snow yesterday (1/12/12). I broke my shoveling up into two passes. The first pass we had about 3” on the ground and the 2nd pass this morning had between 4” to 5” of snow on the ground. It took me 28 minutes to shovel the 2nd pass which was between 4’ to 5”. I would have never tried this with a normal shovel and even with the snow blower it would have taken me 60 to 70 minutes. I have a 24” 2 stage snow blower.


Great for 3-4 inch light snows


Great for 3-4 inch light snows

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