Slimmer Trimmer Hand Shears, 7.5-inch Length



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Ideal for precision cutting!

2.25-inch top grade high carbon steel blades are heat-treated and Teflon-coated for friction-free, smooth, clean-cutting action. Has smooth spring action and shock-absorbing contour grips. Complete with comfortable coated handles and wrist strap. 7.5-inch overall length; weight of 0.35 lbs.

Product Information


Overall length 7 1/2in., blade length of 1-3/4", high carbon steel blades, heat treated and Teflon coated, both blades have a sharp edge allowing for clean cuts each time. Weight .35lbs.


Manufacturer supplies a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

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Prop 65

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from VA

Small and powerful


These small shears are very maneuverable when working in small spaces, such as in dense azaleas. They are very sharp, cut close to the main branch, and surprising powerful, capable of cutting relatively large branches. However, I found that my thumb was constantly accidentally closing the orange plastic lock (although my wife's thumb did not do this) so, I removed the orange plastic lock by grinding off the end of the steel axle post that holds it on. Caution: Do not grind off the other end of the post. That will ruin the shears.

from PA

Best snips for the crew!


These snips are light weight, super sharp and affordable. It would be great to substitute these instead of the heavy #1286 AMLEO pruners in their combo PKCOM sheath/snip/knife set.

from NJ

The first thing I reach for when heading to the garden


These clippers are invaluable. They are murderously sharp (make sure you've got gloves on!) and lots stronger than they look: they can cut 1/4" diameter green wood easily. Use them for deadheading and harvesting, but also for spring/fall cleanup, cutting stems or grasses up for composting - just about anything. I'm never outside without them.

from IL

Powerful Tool


I've been using this trimmer for about two years. I purchased a second, recently. I graft trees and this tool cuts closer (with precision) than any other hand pruner, available. This tool has replaced my standard Felco pruners for 99% of my routine jobs both in the greenhouse and in the field. There isn't a finer tool available. For bonsai work, I can see the unlimited applications this tool would provide, also. And, it cuts through wood an inch thick with a breeze. It's razor sharp and it stays razor sharp for a long time. The quality is there. I'd also recommend this tool to the elderly as it requires virtually little to no effort at all and is very lightweight.

from VT

Couldn't Garden Without It !!!


I have had these pruners for about 4 years and they are still cutting just fine and never need sharpening. I am an avid gardener with large per. gardens and I am never without these pruners. I have very small hands and these are the only pruners that have ever been comfortable for me. Love so much just ordered them for my sister who has lots of roses in California. Can't say enough about how satisfied I am with these pruners.

from CT

Our work horse clippers!


Every designer in our shop has one at their design bench. Fits comfortably even in a women's hand, so many clippers open so far that they are hard to use all day. They cut our quality flowers cleanly without crushing the stems. One weakness is the springs will break but just get a few extra springs when you order. Don't let this one thing keep from trying them.They are great, we re sharpen them, (but don't take them apart to sharpen!)

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