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Sievert Gardener Weed Torch

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A chemical-free, easy way to eradicate weeds.

Your own mini flame thrower! The use of heat for weed control is nothing new...professional gardeners have relied on it for a long time. Now, you too can fight weeds effectively and conveniently. No more chemical hazards or messy clean up.

Unit is complete with Piezo ignition which provides a flame at the touch of a button. Runs on propane or a mixture of propane/butane in 14 or 16.2 oz. cylinders (not included). 30.3 inch length. Optional 8 foot hose assembly allows you to use with any bulk tank application.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Piezo ignition allows flame at touch of a button
  • Regulator valve
  • Use propane or mixture of propane/butane
  • Use 14 or 16.2 oz. cylinders
  • Length 30.3 in.
  • Weight 1.65 lbs.
  • Gas consumption 10.3 oz. per hour
  • 15,000 BTU's
Warranty Information
  • Manufacturer supplies a 90-day warranty.
Product Warranty
  • Manufacturer supplies a 90-day warranty.
  • QUESTION: How does Primus Weed Burner work? ANSWER: At the press of a button, a short flame ignites. Holding the hot flame about 5 cm above the weed for a few seconds wilts the green leaves, which over a period of days denies the weed the ability to take in sunlight, and it dies.
  • QUESTION: Why does my flame shut off after about 5 minutes? ANSWER: Propane gets colder when pressure is released. When using a small tank, you can feel the tank get colder as the gas is released. After about 5 minutes, the tank gets so cold that the pressure drops inside the tank, and there isn't enough gas coming out to stay ignited. Letting the tank sit for about 15 minutes will allow it to warm up enough to build pressure in the tank back to a usable level. If you are going to use this tool for more than 5 minutes at a time, we suggest you use a larger tank, and a hose kit (Product Number 1508WS). This will solve the problem.
  • QUESTION: Why are there holes drilled in that brass piece between the control knob and black handle? Won't the propane escape from them? ANSWER: The holes are so air mixes with the propane. No propane will escape from them, it just act as a sort of "carburator".
  • QUESTION: Who do I call if my torch isn't working properly? ANSWER: You can call Sievert directly and ask for Mark in the Parts and Service Department. Phone: (815) 639-1319 Toll Free: (877) 639-1319 Fax: (815) 639-1320
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