Showa Atlas 370 Nitrile Gloves

These gloves fit like a second skin!

Showa Atlas 370 Gloves feature an ultra-thin black nylon knit with an elastic cuff. They also have a latex-free nitrile coating on the palms and fingertips. These gloves are machine washable. Choose your desired size below.

These gloves are ideal for jobs that require maximum dexterity and freedom of hand movement. Use them when weeding, pruning, and even picking up individual seeds! Their ultra-light knit repels dirt yet flexes and allows your hands to breathe. These gloves offer a comfortable, secure fit, thanks to their elastic cuff. The nitrile coating protects your palms and fingertips from common garden hazards like thorns and sharp rocks.

If you love the feel of the earth but hate what it does to your hands, these are the gloves for you. Their durable nitrile coating is tougher than rubber. You will even want a spare pair for the kitchen since they make opening jars a breeze!

Item # Size Stock Status Price Qty
NT370-LG-8B Large In Stock $9.59
NT370-MD-8B Medium In Stock $9.59
NT370-XL-8B X-Large In Stock $9.59
NT370-SM-8B Small In Stock $9.59

Product Information


  • Size: Varies
  • Color: Black
  • Knit material: Nylon
  • Coating material: Nitrile

Product Features

  • General-purpose gardening gloves
  • Ultra-thin nylon knit
  • Elastic cuff
  • Latex-free nitrile coated palms and fingertips
  • Machine washable

Product Benefits

  • Ideal for jobs that require maximum durability
  • Great for weeding, pruning, planting, and more
  • Ultra-light nylon knit is flexible and breathable
  • Nitrile coating protects your palms and fingertips from common garden hazards
  • Provide a great grip that makes it easy to open jars

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from NJ

Both Hands Are Now Gloverly!


Today I received my Atlas Nitrile gloves, along with the kneeler/pouch I recently ordered. Last year I had ordered these gloves & somehow lost one. Still I refused to discard that one glove & continued to use it until I realized I HAD to have another pair. Now my hands feel great to have the pair to wear! It may sound strange, but I am keeping that one glove to use for any odds & ends which may arise around the house or garden. So do yourself a favor a purchase a pair. Once you wear them, you'll see for yourself that these are the best gardening gloves ever. Thanks Gardeners Edge for always having the best products.

from NJ



I somehow "misplaced...lost...whatever" one of these gloves I ordered last year. I've still been using the one, but finally decided I had to have another set. These gloves are the absolute best for so many outdoor & indoor projects. Buy them, you won't regret it! Thanks GE.

from NC

Atlas Nitrile Touch 370 Gloves


These are my favorite gardening gloves; they protect my hands but allow me to feel what I'm doing when harvesting cut flowers or veggies and weeding the beds. They're sturdy, too!

from CA



I think I received them as gift. Thought they would be just like the latex gloves I would use till my hands would get dripping wet. Then I worked without gloves. My hands looked and felt like a construction worker. I can work for at least this. I take a break and slip them back on. Best gloves ever. My hands lost the calluses around my thumb and fingers.

from HI

nitrile gloves


these gloves are absolutely the best gloves i have ever used. it is now possible to do jobs with gloves on that were previously impossible or inefficient. it is almost as if you have a second skin on.

from PA



light weight, washes very well, protects my hands better than any other, and best of all, makes weed pulling far less a chore - a real "grab and go."

from MI

Atlas Nitrile gloves


These gloves are great for a variety of outdoor jobs. My company uses these gloves for landscaping. Sensitive enough to feel what your doing but tough enough to protect your hands. Whether planting annuals or large trees.

from TN

Wonderful Atlas Gloves!


I run a commercial daylily nursery and garden and I go through lots of gloves each year, especally during shipping and line-out season. The best gloves by far I've found are the Atlas gloves. They're comfortable, flexible enough to pick up a penny and strong enough to keep the briars and thorns at bay. I cannot imagine a gardening season without them!

from NJ



I really like these gloves. The cuff comes up high enough to keep my wrists from getting poison ivy etc. They really do last a long time as I get a whole season out of them. They are great for seedlings and new plantings of annuals as they are not bulky. Your hand does not sweat in them because they breathe well with the fabric but still stay clean.

from FL

Good Dexterity


These gloves are in high demand at my work location as they provide a good, snug fit and offer the ease of touch needed to perform more intricate tasks. There is a drawback in that the material used in the palms and fingers has a tendency to stick to pallet wrap material and packing tape. Also, there is not really any protection from sharp objects offered. The comfort and lack of bulkiness in the finger area make these a good work glove though and far outweights the drawbacks.

from CA

Best Garden/Landscape gloves ever


They are tough, but thin enough to feel the work you are doing. The best!

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