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These gloves fit like a second skin!

Showa Atlas 370 Gloves feature an ultra-thin black nylon knit with an elastic cuff. They also have a latex-free nitrile coating on the palms and fingertips. These gloves are a size large and are machine washable.

These gloves are ideal for jobs that require maximum dexterity and freedom of hand movement. Use them when weeding, pruning, and even picking up individual seeds! Their ultra-light knit repels dirt yet flexes and allows your hands to breathe. These gloves offer a comfortable, secure fit thanks to their elastic cuff. The nitrile coating protects your palms and fingertips from common garden hazards like thorns and sharp rocks.

If you love the feel of the earth, but hate what it does to your hands, these are the gloves for you. Their durable nitrile coating is tougher than rubber. You will even want a spare pair for the kitchen since they make opening jars a breeze!

Product Information


  • Size: Large
  • Color: Black
  • Knit material: Nylon
  • Coating material: Nitrile

Product Features

  • General-purpose gardening gloves
  • Ultra-thin nylon knit
  • Elastic cuff
  • Latex-free nitrile coated palms and fingertips
  • Machine washable

Product Benefits

  • Ideal for jobs that require maximum durability
  • Great for weeding, pruning, planting, and more
  • Ultra-light nylon knit is flexible and breathable
  • Nitrile coating protects your palms and fingertips from common garden hazards
  • Provide a great grip that makes it easy to open jars


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