Set of 3 Groundbreaker Mini-Tools: Mini-Planter, Mini-Tiller, Mini-Pick



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Chop, cultivate, clear and break up hard soileach tool is dual-purpose!

The comfort, the balance, the superb finish, and the head that begs to be used to dig, make these the right tools for you. The planter is ideal for working in confined areas, shallow planting, clearing ground cover, and digging or cultivating. The tiller is great for cultivating beds, chopping roots, or working in rows. The pick is perfect for working in confined areas, removing weeds and ground cover, and detailed landscaping. Lightweight, professional quality with 16-inch hickory handles and a comfort grip. Three great tools for one low pricebuy the set and save!

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Planter has hickory handle length of 16in., head weight 1.3lbs., pick size 4 3/8in., blade size 3in. x 4 3/8in. Comfort grip. Tiller has hickory handle, straight 16in., head weight 1.2lbs., tines length 4 1/4in., mattock size 1 7/8in. x 2 3/4in. Comfort grip. The pick has a 16 in. hickory handle, head weight of 1.1 lbs., 2" X 3 3/8" blade.


A.M. Leonard's down to earth guarantee. This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's full one-year warranty against manufacturer defects for products when used under normal conditions.

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from OH

Couldn't Wait to get my own!


We used these tools during a Sierra Club service outing at Pt. Reyes last year and I was stunned at how effective they were for chopping roots and pulling ice plant off the hillsides in sandy soil. We didn't have the tiller piece, but the digger and pick worked like a charm. My very own set is on the way and I can't wait to use them all in my gardens.

from PA

Completely manageable!


I live on a shale mountain side. To plant anything requires a pick! I looked and looked for a hand pick of some kind, because using a full-sized one was exhausting for an oldie. The pick end of two of these three tools is absolutely perfect for getting me holes for annuals, bulbs, etc. The third one works nicely for weeding my raised beds. The weight and length of them is manageable, and they speed up the process a lot!

from NC

mid sized powerhouse


Bought these for putting in edgers. They work great on hard clay soil. Just right when you don't want to use a mattock due to space constraints but, hand trowels aren't strong enough to dig in clay.

from MD



My husband bought these tools for my birthday July 4th. I thought this was another last minute present. After using them in my garden, I realized it was a very thoughtful gift. He had seen me with a shovel and a rake struggling with weeds and rocks in our gardens. With these tools and with very little effort the weeds are loosened and gone by the roots. I was amazed how balanced they were in my small hand. The gripping handles give me the power to tackle bigger roots. It's much less back-breaking than a shovel or rake. With these three tools, I have started flower beds all over our 7 acres around trees, trenched for water around the vegetables, planted bulbs for spring, and basic weeding is a breeze. When working outside, all I need are these 3 tools and I can do anything. I thank him every time he sees me using them. I've even caught him using them. We bought 2 more sets for our sons. GREAT GIFT, SWEETIE! I love my tools!

from WA

Ground Breaker Mini Series


Purchased these for my hobby, exploring, digging up metal detector finds, meteor digging, gardening and just scratching something interesting in the dirt. When ordered and received, one was broken. Default in the casting. As cost of shipping is more than or as much as the value of the defective one, I didn't send it back but e-mailed AM Leonard letting them know of the problem for their use in inspecting future shipments of this product. I got an e-mail back thanking me for my imput and telling me that a new digger would be in the mail. Couple of weeks and it got here.The three tools have served me well since purchasing and I believe they will probably outlast me. Good construction and good materiel's.