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Grow Fresh Food Right in Your Kitchen All Year Long

The perfect kit for indoor salad or microgreen production, and also ideal for starting seedlings! The sturdy recycled plastic base acts as a reservoir for water. In this tray sits a stand covered by a sheet of absorbent cloth that draws water up and into the bottoms of the planted seed trays by capillary action.

Two SunBlaster 6400K T5HO fluorescent tubes in a curved reflective hood flood the growing area in full spectrum light, while using 20% less electricity than traditional lighting systems. Once seedlings sprout, lower the fully adjustable hood to about 4 inches from the tops of the plants, and they will grow bushy, strong, and compact.

It includes four reusable segmented trays for planting, the reservoir stand, wick sheet for optional self-watering, and full instructions. Measures 24in W x 14in D x 17in H. All plastic components are 100% recycled.

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from CA

Sturdy, attractive and efficient


This was easy to assemble. Also very easy to use. The veg starts I got from the nursery were TINY so put them under these lights so they could grow big enough to put out in the garden. They are doing well. Highly recommend..

from OR

Love it!


Only on 3rd month. So far loving it. I am having a problem with mold developing on the mat. Trying things like airflow to solve it.

from BC

It can do so many things!


As an avid gardener, I like the features that make growing all sorts of things easy. I can use it to grow sprouts and microgreens as well as start vegetable seeds for the outside garden. The light is adjustable so I can keep it close to the top of seedlings and they won't get too leggy. In the summer, I can use it to root cuttings as well. Because it has a deep water tray and a wicking mat, I can use it as a plant nanny to keep my indoor plants watered and happy when I go on short vacations. All in all, I will use this all year round!

from OH

Really disappointed


I bought this growlight garden not even a year ago and I thought one of the lights burned out. I bought new lights and now I find out it is the ballast that is no longer working. I have no idea how to get a replacement ballast. Also, the unit is very difficult to move up and down. Quite frankly, I wouldn't recommend this to ANYONE. Another piece of junk that I have to throw out. It wasn't even used that much.