Samson ArborMaster Climbing Rope 1/2in x 600ft Gold/White Tensile 8100lb



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Gold/white is soft, strong and spliceable. Identified by alternating gold and white strands with a red and green internal marker.Maximum firmness for better "Footlock" climbing. 16-strand, treated polyester with a stabilized nylon core for durability. Low stretch, and non-rotational. Full 1/2" size diameter for easier grip. Wt 7.7 lb per 100 ft. Average strength: 8100 lb. Work load 810 lb.600' length

Product Information


SOME CATALOGS MAY INCORRECTLY IDENTIFY THIS AS RED AND WHITE, IT IS REALLY GOLD AND WHITE. 16 Strand, 1/2in. x 600ft., 8100lb. tensile strength. Polyester construction with stabalized nylon core. Maximum firmness for the "footlock" climbing technique. High visibility in trees, low stretch, non-rotational. Full size 1/2" diameter makes for an easier grip and minimizes climber fatigue. Excellent knot-heat resistance. Maintains excellent service flexibilty. Identified by alternating gold and white strands.


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