Root Pouch Degradable Grow Bags

Get 10 or More Root Pouches for the Price You
Would Pay for Just One Grow Bag Elsewhere!

From recycled natural fibers mixed with recycled plastic bottles otherwise destined for landfills, comes a lightweight, breathable fabric that is crafted into plant pots you can use in your garden, yard or home! These fabric pots are wonderful for plantsroots can cool in summer, and not suffocate from overwatering. The fabric material lets water permeate so there's sufficient drainage without holes in the pot. Plus, they're washable and reusable!

A healthier alternative for the environment! Every year, millions of plastic pots require petroleum and fossil fuels to be created, and then eventually they are discarded to clog up our landfills. Because they're made from flexible fabric, there's no worries about pots chipping or breaking, or having to clean up pot shards like with clay pots. Whenever and wherever you would use a plastic or clay pot, consider our Root Pouch and make a wiser choice for your local environment!

For 3-4 years outside, use these root pouches for smaller trees on your deck, or larger houseplants inside or out. Features built in handles.

For 1-2 seasons outside, use these Root Pouches for tomatoes, vegetables, pumpkins, herbs, and flowers on your deck or in your yard!

Item # Bundle Count Accessories Width Capacity Height Size Ship wt Longevity (Below Ground) Dimensions Handles Stock Status Price Qty
RP318 25 None 10 Inches 3 Gallons 8-1/2 Inches 3 gallon 3.5 lbs 18-24 months 10-in W x 8.5-in H N/A In Stock $23.14
RP218 25 None 8-1/2 Inches 2 Gallons 8-1/2 Inches 2 gallon 3.5 lbs 18-24 months 8.5-in W x 8.5-in H N/A Out of Stock
RP15H4 10 Handle 17 Inches 15 Gallons 15 Inches 15 gallon 4.5 lbs 4-5 years 17-in W x 15-in H N/A In Stock $45.65
RP25H4 10 Handle 21 Inches 25 Gallons 16-1/2 Inches 25 gallon 7 lbs 4-5 years 21-in W x 16.5-in H N/A Out of Stock
RP315 50 None 10 Inches 3 Gallons 8-1/2 Inches 3 gallon 6.5 lbs 15-20 months 10-in W x 8.5-in H N/A In Stock $35.69
RP33 25 Bags None 10 Inches 3 Gallons 8-1/2 Inches 3 gallon 3.5 lbs 3-4 years 10-in W x 8.5-in H No In Stock $30.01
RP5H3 10 Bags Handle 11 Inches 5 Gallons 10-1/4 Inches 5 gallon 2 lbs 3-4 years 11-in W x 10.25-in H Yes Out of Stock
RP7H3 10 Bags Handle 14 Inches 7 Gallons 11-3/4 Inches 7 gallon 3 lbs 3-4 years 14-in W x 11.75-in H Yes In Stock $21.68
RP10H3 10 Bags Handle 16 Inches 10 Gallons 12 Inches 10 gallon 3.5 lbs 3-4 years 16-in W x 12-in H Yes Out of Stock
RP115 50 N/A 6 Inches 1 Gallon 7-1/2 Inches N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Out of Stock
RP118 25 None 6 Inches 1 Gallon 7-1/2 Inches 1 gallon 2 lbs 18-24 months 6-in W x 7.5-in H N/A Out of Stock
RP20H4 10 Handle 19-7/8 Inches 20 Gallons 15-7/8 Inches 20 gallon 6.5 lbs 4-5 years 19-7/8-in W x 15-7/8-in H N/A Out of Stock

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from IL

Excellent value


I purchased a 10 pack of the 5 gallon root pouches rated for 3-4 years of use. I planted some peppers and also stuck a few determinate tomatoes in a couple pots. I grew dill and lettuces in others. They drain well so need to be watered more often than traditional pots but are never water-logged like my regular plastic/clay pots. I had originally planned on dumping the soil out of these babies and storing them in the garage overwinter but never got around to doing so. They have been out all winter and look good as new and are holding up well despite my laziness. I will be planting peppers in these this coming season and can't wait.

from IA

Pots to start Christmas trees


My daughter and I planted Canaan fir trees into the one gallon pouches this spring with the idea of planting them out into our Christmas trees late summer/early fall. The trees look absolutely fantastic and I am optimistic about the survivability of our trees.

from LA

These bags are high quality


I wasn't to sure about getting grow bags. But I am very happy I did these are very high quality and are durable. I would suggest that you find a tray to but the bags in. It will aid in watering the plants via capillary action

from NH

Handy useful product, great price


Like the versatility - don't have to commit to a hardscaped rasied bed. In northern New England they help keep tomatoes and sweet potatoes warm. And then you can just dump the potatoes out! Do need to remember to water more frequently and you can't drag them by the handles when they're full - they break/come unstitched. Best price on the fabric pots I've found anywhere.

from NY

Root pouch RP7H3


Loved this product it's compact light weight ,keeps roots cool in warm weather, no over watering or rain drowning and air prunes the roots so you avoid circle root. The larger sizes are great for dwarf fruit trees and large shrubs.

from OR

Cleans up well after a year of use!


I bought these a year ago for a roof deck because they are so lightweight. In Oregon, we have a lot of algae that grows in winter. I just cleaned them up perfectly with a home pressure washer and 30-second cleaner. The color is totally resistant to bleach and all the plants are coming to life! Love these pots!

from TN

15 Gallon Root ouches


This is my first time using these pouches. They have been something I wanted to try for early vegetables and I am so glad I gave them a try. Pouches are well made and the squash I transplanted has double in size I less than a week. Better for container gardens than the plastic pots and you can always put them in baskets for a better look.

from MA

Trying out the smallest ones


I bought the 1 gal. pouches to start dahlia tubers. The flexibility makes them efficient, since they adjust around the stiff tubers. I shared some with friends who are more serious gardeners, and will report back with their opinions; they certainly seem to be a great alternative to stacks of plastic!

from VA

grow bags


First time using this product, it measures up so far.

from NY

excellent product


prices were very reasonable, and delivery of products were very timely.highly recommend any of these products.... Thanks, will be ordering again..

from OK

Great air pruning pots


I got the 5 gallon with handles and they work great. The roots get air pruned and do not get root bound as easy. They also allow air to get to the roots, preventing root rot. I wouldn't grow with anything but root pouches!

from PA

Great for potatoes!!


These bags are the PERFECT solution for growing potatoes. I purchased 10 of the 25 gallon bags. I dug a hole the same size as the bag and about a foot deep and placed the bag in the hole (I rolled the sides down). I mixed the dug soil with manure and put that in the bag and planted the potatoes (about one pound seed potatoes per bag). Once the potatoes started growing, I rolled the sides of the bag up and kept adding soil. It is a great way to hill them. Harvest was VERY easy! We dumped a bag into the wheelbarrow and were able to get every potato! We had no problem with the bags drying out, maybe because they were partially in a hole. These worked so well, I ordered 10 more for this year!

from TX

fiber root pots


Decided to try instead of using terra cotta. Works just as well if not better. Aside from being cost effective, it also has the additional benefit of not having the weight of terra cotta. Allows the soil to breath better, decreasing the chance for disease from over watering.

from NY

25 gallon pot


I bought this to grow my tomatoes in. They are growing very well. They do need to be watered more often but since we have had very dry weather lately not too bad.

from HI

cheap and space saver


I use this for my hot peppers and they loving it...its cheap and space saver at the same time!

from VA

Satisfied with pouch pots


These pots are working great so far. I've used other more expensive fabric pots and for the money, these are great. The only draw back I can see is you have to use both hands to pick them up compared to small plastic pots that I can pick up with one hand.

from SD

Great Potential


We used the 3 gallon pouches on 90 David Austin bareroot roses in April and they worked great and are bigger then the dimensions claim because they are more flexible then a plastic pot. On the con side they do dry out faster than plastic pots because they are so breathable. I have not planted the roses yet in the gardens so I can't testify to how well the rose will do compared to growing them in plastic pots. Will report later on my results.

from MI

Just what I was looking for.


I am very satisfied with this product, recommend it to anyone that is using a similar pot.

from OH

Root far, so good


I got these to start a bunch of little tree whips. The great environmental factors convinced me to buy vs. using odds and ends around the farm. So far, they are all they claim, very tough in an above ground nursery situation with excellent drainage. I won't be putting them on the ground until this fall or next spring so final appraisal still to come.

from TX

Great product


The root pouches work very well. I use them for vegetables: tomatoes, potatoes, squash and peppers. They retain water well and can be moved to the best location for your plants. I do like the handles. Your pricing is very good too. Thanks.

from IL

Biodegradable is best


I bought these pouches for bare-root trees. The bags are tough, you would never think they are biodegradable. They work perfect.

from TX

I like 'em


So much easier to haul dirt, compost and plants around. I'll know better next year how well plants grow in them I'll have potatoes to harvest in about 6 wks...eager. I'm using soaker hoses suspended above them.

from AL

Root pouches excellent choice for school gardening projects


I am a parent volunteer for our elementary school 4-H Junior Master Gardener program. One of our gardening projects this past year involved comparing and contrasting white potatoes grown either horizontally or vertically. In researching our receptacle options for our above ground vertical potato garden, we decided upon the 25 gal root pouch. It has proven to be perfect for the job. Root Pouches come in a variety of sizes with the 25 gal option seeming to be the perfect size for an above ground container-type potato garden. The handles make the "pot" easy to relocate if need be, and the fabric lends itself to proper water retention/drainage. Once ready to harvest, the bag lends itself to easy emptying and potato location. The many ecological advantages of the Root Pouch provide wonderful talking-points to discuss reduce/reuse/recycle opportunities with elementary aged children. Here they can actually see and use a product made from bottles similar to ones that they have been recycling.

from FL

Root Pouch Root maker pots


I purchased 1000 root pouches as a start for my bonsai business in ... central Florida. I wanted something that could stay in a training pot long term without getting circling roots or having a shelf of moisture on the bottom of the pot where root rot occurs in regular pots after a few years due to our heavy daily rain. After hearing about the "air" pruning of root pouches to stop circling roots and increase fine feeder roots for increased nutrient uptake thereby increasing growth in general,I decided to give it a try. The fact that they had excellent drainage with a porous material used as the wall and floor of the pot was a bonus also. Well, that sold me to try 1000 pots. I also have hundreds of pots of 10 gal regular plastic pots, so this also was a great way to experiment to see if the product really worked. I thought this was a great way to see and compare growth speed and root development differences between the two I would get. I only have had my 200 cypress (along with 800 other varieties).

from KY

Root Pouch


I really like these. They do require a lot of water but I will be ordering some more.

from NE

Starting vegetables for garden


Have a small greenhouse and started my squash and cucumbers in them. They grew wonderful and will be a month ahead when I put them out in the garden.

from FL

These were great!


Used them here in Florida. Our plastic pots dried out quicklly and these held the moisture quite well. Healthier plants. Will definitely use them again next year. The 5 lb. size worked best for my vegetables, the grey medium thickness with handles.

from MI

very handy


Light weight and very easy to use and handle. They take very little space to store before using. I am a home gardener with very little time for my yard. I start a few plants early on my porch. I like these pouches much better than the ordinary pots that I usually use.

from PA

Root Pouch Degradable Pots


We were very pleased with the pots and wished we had ordered more. The handles make them very easy to use and we will test actually putting them in the ground this Fall. Very exciting possibilities.

from AZ

works real good


I have planted potatoes in the 3 gallon root pouch. The potatoes are growing well and the pouch was easy to use and is very light weight and moveable. The pouches will allow me to grow many vegetables this year. They retain water better than my raised bed.

from AL

Root Pouch Degradable Pots


We were very pleased with the pots and wished we had ordered more. The handles make them very easy to use and we will test actually putting them in the ground this Fall. Very exciting possibilities.

from PA

Excellent for bare root trees


I used to have to wait for roots to develop before I could resell because of the dirt falling off the roots. Now the customer just plants the whole pot. It also keeps the roots moist and cooler because the pot can breath unlike the plastic pots. I LIKE!!!!

from VA

Looks like a Winner


I ordered these for the first time in early spring 2012. I'm using 3 of the 15 gallon pouches for tomato plants. So far everything looks great. Plan to use the other pouches for some young shrubs and perennials until I get my other garden beds constructed. I might rate them 5 stars given more time using them.

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