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Rootblast 2-1-2 Growth Formula, 5-1/2 Pounds

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Easy to apply with no mess and no mixing!

Rootblast is a 2-1-2 fertilizer. It contains limestone, calcium nitrate, and monoammonium phosphate. This is an 88-ounce (5.5 pounds) container of Rootblast.

Use Rootblast to promote new root growth for many types of plants. It is an excellent option for established roses, wildflowers, and perennials, as well as any shrub or tree. You can use Rootblast on newly planted bedding plants and planted seeds.

Apply Rootblast at any time of the year; use it once per season for outstanding growth. For best results, apply your own fertilizer about two weeks after applying Rootblast.

Rootblast is easy to use and requires no mixing. It is all-natural, hormone-free, and safe for the environment. The large containers feed dozens of seedlings, transplants, and established beds.


Product Information

Product Specs
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  • Guaranteed analysis: Nitrogen (2%), phosphorus (1%), and potassium (2%)
  • Container volume (ounces): 88
  • Product Features
    • Granular 2-1-2 fertilizer
    • All-natural
    • Hormone-free
    • Environmentally friendly
    Product Benefits
    • Promotes new root growth
    • Easy to use with no mixing required
    • An excellent option for established roses, wildflowers, perennials, shrubs, trees, and houseplants
    • Can be used with newly planted bedding plants and younger seedlings
    • Use any time of the year - once per season
    • Apply your own fertilizer mix a couple weeks later for best results
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