Rapid Rootrainers

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Better Roots Mean Better Plants Every Time

Rootrainers' unique design allows air pruning for optimum root formation. The grooved cell design directs the main root to grow straight down towards the large drainage opening at the bottom. When the root tip contacts the air it dies off, and the plant then compensates by producing more branches of new root growth. The result is a healthy, fibrous root system capable of supporting superior growth.

The cells open for easy removal of plugs and damage-free roots. Perfect for nearly all plants and especially those that are sensitive to disturbance and require deep root runs. Rootrainers are reusable from year to year. Includes detailed instructions and planting tips.

Rapid Rootrainers: Great for bedding plants, lettuce and herbs. 32 reusable cells, 3-inch deep, with ventilated holding tray (for air pruning) and propagating lid.

Product Information


  • 3in deep cells
  • 32 cells per tray

Product Features

  • Includes holding tray and propagating lid

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