RANGO Biopesticide 3-in-1

An important pest management tool!

Terramera formulated RANGO Biopesticide to control many species of fungi, insects, and mites. This OMRI-listed product contains cold-pressed neem oil (70%). Neem oil provides multiple modes of action for pest control. It works as an antifeedant, insect repellent, and growth regulator. Choose your desired container volume below. RANGO protects a wide variety of crops including fruit trees, nut trees, vegetables, and berries. Use it to control many types of common pests and diseases in your garden, greenhouse, or nursery. RANGO has a low freezing point and is easy to mix. Click on the product label in the links section below for more information. RANGO Biopesticide offers superior stability and emulsion properties. It remains stable and stays in suspension longer than similar products (more than 48 hours). Using this product results in zero-day harvest time and only a 4-hour re-entry interval. These qualities make RANGO and essential part of any integrated pest management (IPM) program!

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