RainCloud Smart Water Timer Kit

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Control your watering anywhere!

Automate your watering anywhere on your mobile devices with the Melnor RainCloud Smart Water Timer. This system allows you to get the benefits of the advanced scheduling that is available with inground irrigation systems without the extreme costs or mess of digging your yard for installation. RainCloud allows you to connect to 4 garden hoses and connect to sprinklers, soaker hoses, or even drip irrigation system.

To program the timer download the free RainCloud app on your phone or tablet or go to the RainCloud website to set your schedule. Scheduling can be as simple as setting to water once a day to scheduling each zone to water up to six times a day for different amounts of time on different days of the week. If you live in an area that a watering restriction has been placed due to droughts or limited water supply, RainCloud allows you to schedule odd/even calendar days or specific days of the week scheduling.

Fully automate your system with the Melnor AquaSentry Moisture Sensor, to know when your soil has had plenty of water and eliminate water waste.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Control your watering from anywhere you have internet access
  • Easy scheduling
  • Water up to four separate zones from one faucet
  • Each zone has independent watering schedules
  • Pause watering with the delay feature if rain is in the forecast
  • Push-button control at the faucet for quick and easy manual watering
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice-operated commands
  • Runs off 4 x AA batteries (not included)
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