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Ideal for taller gardeners and those who prefer a long, straight handle.

The Root Slayer XL is an extra-long edition of the original Root Slayer. Its non-latex grip, unbreakable fiberglass shaft, and 13-gauge mid-carbon steel blade define an exceptional, multi-purpose shovel. The inverted "V" blade and root-cutting ripsaw teeth slice through sod and roots with exceptional ease.

Beloved by pros and casual horticulturalists alike, the Root Slayer XL eliminates the need for other tools, encompassing the best traits of hatchets, pry-bars, nursery spades, and saws in a single superb shovel.

Product Information


  • Overall length (inches): 57-1/2
  • Overall weight (pounds): 5-1/4
  • Handle length (inches): 44-1/2
  • Handle material: Pultruded fiberglass
  • Blade length (inches): 13
  • Blade width (inches): 10-1/2

Product Features

  • Extra-long fiberglass handle
  • Non-latex grip
  • Inverted V-shaped steel blade
  • Root-cutting ripsaw teeth
  • Extra-wide top step

Product Benefits

  • Extra-long handle works well for taller users or those who prefer a long, straight handle
  • Inverted V-shaped blade and ripsaw teeth cut through roots with ease
  • Extra-wide top step increases stability during use
  • Combines a shovel, hatchet, prybar, spade, and saw into a single unit


The manufacturer covers this product with a lifetime warranty.

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