Radius 2-in-1 Hose End Nozzle & Watering Wand Kit

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It's a Sprayer... No It's a Sprinkler... Wait, It's Both!

This handy kit includes one Radius Butterfly Hose End Nozzle and one Dragonfly Watering Wand. First of their kind, these sprayers transform into sprinklers when you flip open their patented wings and place on the ground.

The Radius Butterfly Hose End Nozzle has 9 adjustable sprays for hand-held watering ranging from a powerful jet to soft, gentle rain for watering flowers. Two upright sprinkler patterns cover up to 870 square feet of lawn or garden area. Made from rugged and reinforced materials.

The Radius Dragonfly 18" Watering Wand has 7 different spray patterns perfect for every task around the home and in the garden. Open its unique wings to sprinkle up to 450 square feet with a gentle shower. Features a 180 degree pivoting head and easy thumb control.

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  • This kit consists of (1) Radius 2-in-1 Butterfly Hose End Nozzle #41402, and (1) Radius Dragonfly 18" Watering Wand #42902.

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