Quick Kill Mosquito Larvacide Dunks 6 per Pack



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This is the same great biological mosquito larvae killer as QK1 in a slow release pellet. Float this in standing water for extended coverage. Completely degrades - no cleanup. Each dunk treats 100 square foot of surface water, can be broken to treat smaller areas. Unused and stored properly, dunks retain their potency indefinitely. Priced per pack.

Product Information


  • Active ingredient: Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis - BTI (2.86%)
  • Treatment duration (days): 30+
  • Treatment surface area (square feet): 100
  • Storage life: Indefinite
  • Dunks: 6

Product Features

  • EPA-labeled for organic gardening in all 50 states
  • Easy to use and zero cleanup
  • Works in hours and keeps working for 30+ days
  • Harmless to humans, pets, fish, and other wildlife



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