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Simply Push and Pull to Keep Weeds at Bay

Enlist this Amish-crafted Push-Pull Scuffle Hoe to keep your garden free of weeds with minimal work. The hoe's V-shaped head with sharp double-edged blade easily glides over large areas with a push-pull motion. The hoe slices off weeds right at their roots. The small pointed tip is excellent for getting at weeds in tight spots, like around plants. To keep your garden weed-free the whole season, we recommend you scuffle the soil every few days. When you slice off the leaves it removes the weed's food source and eventually kills the weed. The Push-Pull Scuffle Hoe is made in the USA. It features a powder-coated hardened steel blade with a durable edge and a coated Northern Ash handle. It weighs only 2-1/2 pounds so it's comfortable to use for many hours of work.

Product Information


  • Overall length (inches): 62
  • Blade length (inches): 7-7/8
  • Blade width (inches): 6-1/8
  • Weight (pounds): 2-1/2

Product Features

  • Powder-coated steel blade
  • Distinct V-shaped double edge
  • Pointed tip
  • North American ash handle
  • Made in the USA!

Product Benefits

  • Excellent for removing weeds
  • V-shaped, double-edged blade slices weeds off at their roots
  • Works on both the push and pull motion
  • Turn the tool on its side to clean edges and borders
  • Small, pointed tip gets into tight spaces

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from TX

Amazing Tool!


I used this garden tool this weekend to clear weeds from my garden bed. It is really easy to use, and got the job done in no time. I highly recommend this tool for individuals that have trouble bending over and pulling weeds. Very satisfied with my purchase!

from WV

I am amazed!


I am a 66 year old female and a long-time gardener. This tool totally blew my mind! As I have aged and my joints have decided to not work (a total hip replacement), tending my small vegetable garden, which is a love of mine, has become very difficult. The design of this hoe allows me to easily break the soil between and around my plants without need to pound at the earth and then smooth out the dirt after, as it is pushed across the dirt, allowing removal of weeds and grass, with a great pointed front that gives you an extra advantage to dig out deeper root plants. I love it!