PROHOE Rogue 7-inch Hoe Rake



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Ship Weight 5.70 lbs
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This heavy duty hoe rake is a great tool for the field, large beds and gardens!

PROHOE's version of a fire and trail hoe is built for more than fighting fires. Built for cultivating, grading, raking, grubbing and tamping. The hoe's carbon steel head is 7-in x 9-in with a curved sharpened edge. The rake end sports five 2-in x 3/4-in teeth with beveled edges for easy cutting. Hard Northern ash handle. 54-in overall length.

Product Information


  • 7in x 9in head
  • 54in long overall

Product Features

  • The heavy head helps to penetrate dirt and roots

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from FL



Great tool, is rather heavy and difficult to use for extended time. BUT! The blade's extra weight and sharpness makes it slice through weeds with little effort. If you are used to chopping at weeds with a standard hoe this will outperform them all. The blade is thick so it comes from the factory with a well sharpened edge and the extra weight does the work for you.

from WA

Prohoe sod cutter


I had used their smaller-blade version without the rake on the back and liked it, so when I saw this one with heavier head and rake I knew it was just what I needed to remove thatch rooted in soil and gravel - very tough ground to chop. I chopped in edge-wise; hit a lot of stones, but it kept its edge long enough to do the job, though now it does need sharpening. Found myself using the chopper - rather than flipping over to the rake - even to pull the chunks loose. It also doubles as a half-macleod in trail work. Supposedly comes in several handle lengths, but only the mfr sold the shorter lengths, which might actually be easier on your back. Watch out for sellers asking more than $20 shipping due to "oversize charges" - others charge as little as $12 to ship it across the US via the same carrier that supposedly charges "oversize".

from OR

Prohoe hoe


Out does my Craftsman is built sturdy and easily cuts through the soil. Will definitely cut my working time in half. Thanks

from OR

Best hoe ever. Makes my Craftsman look like a toy.


Cuts through the ground with ease. I really like this hoe. You have to be careful not to chop all your good plants. Thank you