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Leonard Garden Hoe with 7-inch Blade



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PROHOE Rogue 7-inch Garden Hoe



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A five star favorite, incredibly tough steel and it's made in the USA!

The PROHOE Rogue Hoes are professional quality tools built from recycled agricultural disc blades. The tempered steel is the best steel for the job, resulting in tools that are extremely durable with long lasting sharp edges. The grinding, welding, and sharpening are all done by hand with quality as the most distinguishing characteristic.

This Prohoe tool is the original. The 7 inch wide cut head is sharpened on all three sides for work in wide, as well as tight, areas. Just turn up on its side for tight spots. Very effective for cutting and moving dirt. Hefty 1-3/8 inch diameter, 60 inch handle.

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7" wide x 2 and 3/8" cut head Hefty 1-3/8'' handle that is 60" handle 62- 1/4" long overall

Product Features

All three sides have sharpened edges Three edges allow for easier cutting through soil, and when turned on the side, it can get in between rows

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from WA

Love it


I like this hoe way more than others I get at the local hardware store. This has sharp edges and I find I use it on its end the most to get deeper into the ground. A professional tool.

from TX

Best hoe ever


Light weight, sharp 3 edges, cuts through weeds. I have huge gardens full of vegetables and shrubs/flowers and I needed help with the weeding and mixing in compost. I have not found a dislike other than I am going to hide this from my husband and it isn't easy to hide.

from IL

Strong and sharp


I bought this to use cleaning up overgrown landscaping and clear beds. The blade is thick and sharp. I put it through a rough test right away dragging thick overgrowth with a fair amount of clay. Cut like butter. I'm going to really like this.

from VA

resharpen the correct side


The design of the hoe is fine, but the wrong side is sharpened. If you can find the book "Garden Way's Joy of Gardening" by Dick Raymond page 139 will show you the correct side to sharpen on a hoe.

from WI



Good for tough, tall weeds. Too heavy for hours of use. Good construction.

from MS

No title provided


I bought this hoe for my husband and he loves it.


No title provided


I bought this hoe for my husband and he loves it.

from IL

No title provided


I bought this hoe for my husband and he loves it.

from VA



Great product - well made yet light weight - great for getting between plants by turning sideways - my favorite all around garden tool. Well worth the extra $$ - Sturdy enough to be the last hoe I buy.

from TX

Best Hoe Ever!!!


I have several small garden areas and very hard ground. This hoe is sharp, heavy and, cuts weeds and grass with very little effort. The quality reminds me of tools from the 1930's. This hoe stays in my garage this keeps other people away from it. My other tools stay outside in a shed.

from NC

prohoe 7


I like the ability to weed in between plants. Blade is alway sharp. Love my hoe .

from KY

7-inch hoe that doesn't tire you out


I ordered this and the larger sized hoe, and this one is the main hoe that I have used this season. It is heavy duty enough to handle lots of weed situations (large or small plants, freshly tilled soil as well as perennial planting, etc.) without tiring the user out. The sharp sides of the hoe help with weeds in tight spaces or close to the crop. While I have uses for the larger hoe, this one is my new best friend in the battle against weeds.

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