PROHOE Rogue 7-inch Field Hoe



Item # 70F
Ship Weight 3.90 lbs
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A five star favorite, incredibly tough steel and it's made in the USA!

The PROHOE Rogue Hoes are professional quality tools built from recycled agricultural disc blades. The tempered steel is the best steel for the job, resulting in tools that are extremely durable with long lasting sharp edges. The grinding, welding, and sharpening are all done by hand with quality as the most distinguishing characteristic.

This field hoe is the heavyweight of the line. The 7 inch wide cutting blade breaks up sod, cultivates and clears waste trees up to 1 inch diameter. To hold up to heavy use, the socket and blade are welded together, then riveted through the handle for a strong connection. 60 inch handle length.

Product Information


7" wide x 6 and 1/2" blade Ship wt 4.1 lb Ash handle Handle is 1 and 3/8" thick 60" overall length

Product Features

Handle socket is wider than many hoes out there

Product Benefits

The wide handle socket adds some heft to the blade-end, allowing easier soil penetration; feels better in hard soils

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from NC

Superior Quality


Just received my 70F hoe yesterday and used it today for about 90 minutes at the community park/garden. This is absolutely the best hoe that I have ever owned! It is heavy enough to get the job done with less effort. The build quality is amazing, I wish I had this tool years ago. Well worth the money spent when purchasing superior equipment is your goal. Great customer service and fast, secure shipping seal the deal. Thanks, Jim B.

from KY

Beefy Hoe


This a an awesome tool. Frankly the best hoe I have owned. And the customer service was fast and efficient.

from SC

Backorder Issue


Prohoe, the company that makes the Rogue Hoe, is not fulfilling orders in a timely manner. Be prepared to wait 2-3 months or longer for your recycled steel trophy hoe.

from KY

Buy It!


Needed a good grub hoe, and had been eyeing this one for a couple of years. Wasn't sure about the weight, but so far it isn't an issue, and is more of an aid. Just lift and let it do the work. I use it for weeds, cultivating and clearing. Used it to rework an old drainage ditch and it reduced the work time by quite a bit. It is a workhorse. This is one tool I won't loan to friends. Sorry guys.

from NM

dam good hoe


Best hoe I ever owned and I started chopping cotton in 1959 on 1/4 mile rows in west Texas. I got the welded one with the rivet through the handle. First hoe I ever bought that I didn't have to sharpen before I could use it, but it is a little bit heavy. That's why I'm ordering the 5 1/2 in. one today. So, who am I? I'm Dr. George B. Arnett and I own & run Arnett Farms & Agricultural Experimental Station located in Sandia Park, NM. We test tools as well as all sorts of plants and things. Very good hoe!

from TX



What a fabulous worker this guy is !! I decided to make a flower bed out of a sizable part of my yard covered in Bermuda grass and thought I would have to use my pick to get it up. Instead, I decided to try this thing and it worked like a charm. The hoe performed magically and the job was done in short order. Amazingly, it was still as sharp as it was when I started. Pro Hoes are the BEST!

from OH

Pro-Hoe #70F is a Pleasure to Use


I like the weight and size of the #70F hoe plus having the sharp edges is a real plus. I used the hoe this summer mostly for weed control in the garden. I could accomplish with one swing of the #70F what would typically take two to three with a much lighter and smaller hoe! I also used it around the farm to whack off small saplings and weeds by the electric fence. It was great with Canadian thistles!

from AZ

Prohoe the Best


Quality hoe for weed control and jobs around the garden. Quality garden tool and competitive price.

from MI

pro hoe



from FL

Built like a tank


When I look back through old farming photos, this is the way hoes were built when they had to work hard and last long. This hoe has the kind of weight that lets the hoe do the work on the down stroke (OK, you still have to lift it up). I wanted a basic tool that would last a lifetime and could easily be repaired if the handle were to break (extremely unlikely in this case), and that's what I got. I have enjoyed showing this to friends who are used to the usual disposable hoe, and one remark said it all: To paraphrase a line from a movie, Now, THAT's a hoe!

from NY

Well-made many purpose tool


I've put this tool thru a lot. Our soil is extremely rocky. I use it to cut edges for flower beds, shape the soil for vegetable beds, dig up swatches of sod, and for grubbing out small trees, shrubs. Its heavy head and well balanced handle take the pain out of the physical labor.

from PA

Using ProHoe


For several years I've been looking for a tool a bit lighter than a Mcleod to be used to clean waterbars while performing maintenance on hiking trails I oversee. This hoe is solid and should give me years of service. I've used it on two worktrips already cleaning and digging new waterbars, the sharp edges cut through small roots with ease and I am more than pleased with the performance.

from KY

Residential Landscaping


I bought this because of all the areas we needed to clear before planting. Particularly areas covered with ivy! It's heavy enough to make quick work out of what used to be a difficult task! Great tool.

from MA



Wow what a great tool . Handle is long which is what one needs it to be. No worry that it is going to break during the first hour of use, sharp on three sides. Most important is that it is made in the USA which to me means that maybe the steel will be a little better than what is used in China. Buying American is a good thing. Keep our money here.

from ME

Human powered agricultural implement


In my opinion there is no non-motorized tool that a person could have more effect on a given piece of ground. If these were handed out when humans were first delving into agriculture, this hoe would have changed the scene for many early farmers wondering if it was all worth it.

from OR

prohoe field hoe


I love this hoe . It's the best I've ever owned. I have a small organic, minimal till farm, so I do a lot of hand hoeing. It's sharp - cuts the thistles, dock and other heavy weeds easily, but I can still hoe the smaller, delicate weeds coming up around my transplants. It's so sturdy and heavy that I can let the hoe do the work - not my back. I especially like it to keep the weeds and grass down in the paths between my permanent beds. Oh, did I mention I'm a 67 year old female farmer? I've shown off this hoe to several friends, and I always give them a back copy of A. M. Leonard with this page dog-eared for their convenience.

from CO

It is my favorite tool.


It is a heavy duty tool . It makes my job so easy! Because the end is heavy, it goes into the ground easy and deep and makes soil very soft. It is good for my shoulders (with light tools I need to use my own muscle and joints power). It took only 10 minutes of my time to work with 100 tomato bushes.

from TX

Great Hoe


We use these by the dozens in our commercial row crop operation for a little weed control but mainly as a flood irrigation tool. This is what a hoe used to be like back in the day and it's nice to find the real thing.

from IA

Best hoe


Best hoe I have ever owned , not too heavy and not too light. Well balanced and being sharp on three sides is very useful Digs and weed well. Get it, it'll be the last hoe you'll ever buy. Best bang for buck. You'll have no regrets.

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