PROHOE Rogue 6-inch Scuffle Hoe



Item # 60S
Ship Weight 2.60 lbs
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This hoe makes short work of weeds in those hard-to-reach places!

The PROHOE Scuffle Hoe features a triangle-shaped blade. PROHOE sharpens all three sides of the 6-inch wide head. They attach this head to a 60-inch long handle.

Use this hoe to remove weeds and cultivate around flowers and plants. The tri-edge blade allows for cutting on both the push and pull motion. The sharpened edges allow for a smooth cut in both directions. In addition to visible weeds, this motion cuts through weeds and seedlings beneath the soil.

The PROHOE Scuffle Hoe is a truly versatile tool. Its unique shape allows you to weed under branching plants where other hoes cannot reach. Turn the tool on its side and it is the perfect shape for getting between garden rows.

Product Information


  • Overall weight (pounds): 2.5
  • Overall length (inches): 62-1/2
  • Head width (inches): 6
  • Head length (inches): 3-1/4
  • Handle material: Wood
  • Handle length (inches): 60

Product Features

  • Scuffle hoe
  • Sharpened, tri-edge blade
  • Wooden handle

Product Benefits

  • Easily removes weeds and cultivates around flowers and plants
  • Tri-edge blade pulls on both the push and pull motion
  • Sharpened edges cut smoothly in both directions
  • Removes visible weeds and those that have not yet emerged
  • Reaches where other hoes cannot and can weed between garden rows

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Overall Rating: 5/5

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from NC

Scuffle Hoe Angle all WRONG


Stem Angle is incorrect. I'm 6'2" and my wife is 5'2" and we both experienced what felt like a broken back after weeding a couple 100' rows a piece. Rogue suggested viewing the you tube video to learn how to use it "correctly". We learned from the video that we were using it correct. The gentleman in the video shows a one handed method, however, too much control is lost with just one hand. Leonard's suggested I look at the 60" Colinear 60C or 80C hoe. The quality of the hoe is superb, however, the angle of the stem is all WRONG. Yes, I would love the Colinear style hoe, however, I've just spent $80.00 plus bucks of my hard earned money for two Rogue hoes, one of which doesn't work properly.

from KS

Weeding made easy


I am very pleased with the Scuffle hoe I recently purchased. The quality of the metal is superior and the edges are honed sharp. The physical effort to use is minimal if you slip the edge under the soil and scuffle back and forth. I weeded my entire garden, multiple beds in 5 minutes. I've recommended this hoe to several people, all of whom indicated an interest in purchasing. I can see why this product is routinely on back order. It is worth the wait.

from CT

Great find


Well made, sturdy and very sharp. I use it to slice off weeds and grass just under the soil.

from IN

Love this


I run a micro farm with huge weed pressure. This tool is my favorite for slicing off the weeds just below the soil level.

from NC

Cuts Like a Knife


Works great at and just below ground level, really good tool to clear a large area fast and keep you ahead of weeds you don't have time to dig out. Cuts like a knife through tough weeds and stalks, so much better than a standard hoe you will be thrilled.

from OH

It's the best


This is a great tool ! I was able to weed effectively in about 1/2 the time. Wow! Even with all the rain this summer, I mostly kept ahead of the weeds with it.

from KY

No gimmicks, no frills - it just works.


The Prohoe has a long flexible handle that allows anyone to use it with ease. Sharp hardened steel working end makes for easy workability. Finally I don't have to get on my knees to do perimeter grading prior to sodding. Also cut my garden hoeing time in half. Probably the best tool I have in my landscaping arsenal. Every time one of my customers see me using this tool, they want one. Thanks B.K. for recommending it. As always, A.M. Leonard account managers know what the heck they are talking about and know their products. Customer service is foremost at A.M. Leonard and that is why I will do business with a company that actually wants to talk to their customers and not just take their money. Internet purchasing is fine, but one needs to have a go-to person as a backup in certain situations. B.K. always follows up and will find the correct answer if she doesn't know.

from GA

Prohoe shuffle hoe


I had been looking for this type of hoe for years as my Dad had a similar one. It works extremely well in forward & reverse motion. I use it for weeding the garden to replace plowing. Highly recommended. Would like a wider version also.

from NC

Shuffle hoe


Like: Much more useful weed hoeing than other models. AM Leonard online experience was easy and delivery was within a few days.

from IL

Best weeding hoe, period


Sturdy construction , excellent efficiency w/ thick weeds & heavy soil.

from NJ

Effective and Well Made


This hoe is very useful, especially when weed growth has gotten ahead of you a bit. There are other scuffle hoes that are lighter but this one cuts through even established weeds under the soil surface. It's also very well made from partly recycled materials. Highly recommended.

from IL



The Prohoe shuffle hoe works great. The super sharp blade easily cuts through even tough weeds. The angle between blade and handle allows you to stand upright for less stress on your back. The construction is strong and durable. The only problem I encountered was when I tried to work in very wet soil. I would recommend this product.

from NC

Only hoe you will ever need


This tool is absolutely needed for weed control, soil loosening and many other garden chores. The super sharp blades make quick work of tough garden work.

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