PROHOE Rogue 5.5-inch Garden Hoe



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Ship Weight 2.60 lbs
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A five star favorite, incredibly tough steel and it's made in the USA!

The PROHOE Rogue Hoes are professional quality tools built from recycled agricultural disc blades. The tempered steel is the best steel for the job, resulting in tools that are extremely durable with long lasting sharp edges. The grinding, welding, and sharpening are all done by hand with quality as the most distinguishing characteristic.

An all-purpose hoe and a favorite by users wanting a quality tool, but without the weight. Three sided, sharpened blade. Weighs just over two pounds which makes it light and easy to handle. 1-1/4 inch diameter, 60 inch handle.

Product Information


Ship wt 2.3 lb 1 and 1/4" diameter, 60" long ash handle Blade is 5 and 1/2" wide x 2" long

Product Features

All three sides have sharpened edges

Product Benefits

Three edges allow for easier cutting through soil, and when turned on the side, it can get in between rows

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Overall Rating: 5/5

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from KY



Can a humble hoe be impressive? Yes, this one is. It is very well made from very high quality materials but what makes it impressive is its very thoughtful design. The weight is just right, the angle of the blade to the handle is just right, the size is just right. And, it is really sharp which really makes a major difference in ease of use. I find that I use one or the other of the side edges as often as I use the main edge. In this manner it is possible to use it in very tight quarters, right next to garden plants, fences, etc. If you want a really outstanding hoe, this is the one. It is worth every penny of its cost.

from LA

My Hoe


I use my hoe every day. I carry it with me in the yard and use it to steady myself and chop weed in my garden and flower beds. It is really the best hoe for all around use.

from LA



I think the hoe is very solid built. Very easy to sharpen.

from WI

Garden Hoe


Received it within a couple days of purchase and have used it in all my gardens. Would definitely recommend this product as you can do a lot with it without damaging existing plants.

from CA

Efficient Garden Tool


Cut weeds from trails.

from OR

Review of Prohoe 5.5 inch


I needed a hoe that would help me in sculpting the landscaping. This one looked very strong. I have been using these types of tools for many years, and have not found another that will perform like this one. You can not go wrong in buying this brand of hoe, they have several others as well.

from PA

Excellent tool


I've enjoyed using this hoe. It's been very effective in keeping down the weeds in my vegetable garden - the shape of the head makes it effective in tight areas near plants and stakes. The hoe is very well made and I expect it will last for many years.


I would purchase it again


I have been looking for a hoe like the ProHoe for a long time. It has a long handle so you do not have to bend like some other hoes and it does a great job in getting the weeds and other unwanted grass out of my plants and veg. Its thin blade really get the job done. I never realize that I could enjoy cleaning out a garden.

from GA

ProHoe Garden Hoe


I ordered the Pro Hoe because it looked easy to use. I am 78 years old and we have a small garden. This hoe is perfect for weeding both in clear spaces and between the plants. My husband 93 really likes it,too. Thank you for selling such a usable tool.

from MN

Prohoe 5.5-in. garden hoe


Great hoe . Good quality, very lightweight, easy to get in between rows. It has three sides that are sharpened, so you can use it sideways between plants or tight rows. The handle is long, making it easy to use without bending. A good buy.

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