PROHOE Rogue 40-inch Pulaski Hoe Axe



Item # 55HX
Ship Weight 5.80 lbs
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Built to cut and remove turf, bust-open hard soils, cut roots, and dig trenches.

PROHOE's newest introduction to their professional horticultural tool line, the Pulaski Hoe Axe will make your planting easier and faster. This multi-tool is a great addition to your every-day digging tools. 13-in x 5-1/2-in carbon steel cutter mattock-like head with an offset 4-in axe blade. Both have sharpened edges for easier cutting. 40-in curved hickory handle. 41-in overall length.

Product Information


  • 13in x 5.5in mattock
  • 4in axe blade
  • 40" hickory handle
  • 5.5 lbs

Product Features

  • The heavy head helps to penetrate dirt and roots

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from GA

Prohoe Hoe Axe


This is the best landscape tool I have ever purchased. I use it for planting, trenching, cutting roots and prying up rocks. It is a very rugged tool and has unlimited uses. It manhandles Georgia clay. I have purchased two additional ones for people who used mine and had to have one of their own.

from KS

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2 tools have become one when building natural surface trails I have always needed to carry at least 2 tools with me a Polaski to destob and prep the trail and a prohoe to bench and finish the trail. Now i can do both tasks with one tool that makes me very happy


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