Premium Plain Burlap Rolls

Untreated to be biodegradable for the environment! Premium quality and toughness you can count on; use for so many gardening applications!

This top quality 7 oz burlap is tough enough to resist rips, tears and rotting, and can endure repeated wetting/drying with minimum loss of durability!

Burlap has been a traditional gardening essential for generations because it's strong, versatile, and economical so it can be used for so many applications: cover seeds to increase germination; use for lightweight frost protection; use as a silt fence for erosion control; wrap tree roots when transplanting; wrap the bottom of a small tree trunk to protect it from field mice and rabbits; cover compost in the fall and winter; use as a tarp to pile on yard debris and drag from one place to another, and much more!

The uses for this quality material is only limited to your imagination. Stock up now for this growing season. Don't be fooled by cheap prices, go for the best value! Compare quality and performance along with price.

Item # Description Ship Weight Stock Status Price Qty
401UR 100 foot roll, 40-inch width 16 lbs Out of Stock
40UR 300 foot roll, 40-inch width 46 lbs In Stock $86.89
36UR 100 yard roll; 36-inch width 40 lbs In Stock $78.79
60UR 100 yard roll; 60-inch width 66 lbs In Stock $122.09
72UR 100 yard roll; 72-inch width 80 lbs In Stock $164.29

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100 and 250 yd rolls, 7oz. sq yd., untreated, 36", 40", 60", and 72" Width.


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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QUESTION: How long will it last?
Answer: Due to varying temperature, climate and uses across the country there is no certain answer. It may last one month or a few months depending on usage.

QUESTION: Can untreated burlap be used to cover plant material during the winter?
Answer: Yes, burlap has widely been used to help protect plants from harsh winter conditions. We do recommend staying with the untreated burlap, some plants may be sensitive to the copper sulphate solution used on the treated burlap.

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from NJ



Keep a roll of burlap onhand to protect shrubs from frost and border plants/shrubs along the road from winter salt and snow from plow and spreader spray. It makes transplanting a snap! This is top quality natural material that won't disappoint!

from OH

great product


I have used for years.

from MA

Rolling with the best


We use the 40" roll the most from burlaping transplants to winterizing roses and evergreens. The 40" roll is very effective on those projects you need a few more inches in height without having way too much to deal with. The roll itself unrolls easy and is not too heavy ... to work with. The durability of the burlap will last several seasons and the cost is excellent per square foot.

from MI

Nice Tree Wrap


I used this to wrap my Japanese Maple that my kids got me for Mother's Day. Even though it's hardy to zone 5 and I live in zone , I thought this special gift should get a little extra attention. I put a round tomato cage around it and wrapped it with this burlap and so far so good! No deer damage. It looks well protected from winter weather also.

from FL




from KY

Burlap Review


We were happy with the burlap. We were digging out grafted cuttings that grew into trees of one of a kind fruit trees that were from a 50 year old apple and pear tree. Our property was being developed and the trees would be removed. We wrapped the freshly dug 2-3yr old tree roots with the burlap and tied it with twine from A.M.Leonard. They were transported to planting sites as far away as 100 miles. A local Herb Farm in Florence,Kentucky recommended [you] for burlap and I was very pleased with the helpful suggestions, guidance and service.

from TX



We use [your] Burlap rolls to wrap palm trees in the winter to insulate them against freezing temps. We have had excellent results with all [your] products...and will continue to use them in the future.

from TX



A great product! Fast shipping and friendly service.

from IN

Burlap 36UR "simply the best"


[Your] 36" untreated burlap is simply the best available for quality and price. I have been burlapping trees with this product exclusively for many years after trying other brands which were either too thick or too expensive. The untreated burlap allows excellent moisture uptake so I can literally leave the burlapped trees in the field where normal rainfall saves me from having to apply mulch(quite a cost savings). Occasional watering is necessary only in semi-drought conditions. This burlap is a very reliable product and I recommend it highly.

from PA

Burlap Roll


It was exactly what we expected 4'x 100' roll

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