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PHC® 11-22-22 Nutrient Management System with Surfactant For Trees, 8 lb Bag

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PHC® 27-9-9 Tree Nutrient Management System with Surfactant, 8 lbs

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Not just a fertilizer but a fertility system that provides both short-term and long-term replenishment of nutrients!

What is Mycorrhizae? An essential part of your plant's food chain, these naturally occurring organisms help break down nutrients into "bites" your plant's roots can absorb. With their uptake greatly enhanced, root growth is accelerated, and trees and plants grow stronger and handle stress better. Planting mixes and disturbed landscapes often have very little or no beneficial mycorrhizae fungi.

PHC for Trees Injectable and Drench provides your trees with both short-term and long-term nutrients. Water soluble formula with N-P-K fertilizers to boost soil fertility. Adds mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria, plus an organic nutrient complex. Use a soil injector to put it right at the roots, or mix with water and pour over root zone as a drench. See application rates on package, generally, 8 lb makes 100 gallons of solution.

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Analysis is 27% nitrogen, 9% phosphate and 9% potasium. Also contains less than 1% of the following: boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc.

Product Features

  • Water soluble formula with N-P-K fertilizers to boost soil fertility.
  • Adds beneficial bacteria and an organic nutrient complex which sustains long term fertility.
  • Advanced surfactant improves penetration and distribution through the soil profile.
  • Includes micronutrients including iron and manganese as well as humic acids, seaweed extract, and B-vitamins
  • Perfect for soil injection and soil drenching of trees

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from TX

deep root injection


way good stuff... trees do not lie.