Perforated Budding Tape, Roll of 857 Tape Strips

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Fast and easy for both T and chip buddings!

The best characteristics of rubber strips, nylon tape, wax and paraffin! The secret is its elasticity—a gentle stretch makes it self-adhesive. Keeps the bud moist and secure while allowing air to permeate the wound. Permits a young, healthy bud to emerge through the tape. No need to remove by hand; biodegradable in sunlight. Works well in cold or hot weather.

Recommended for: deciduous fruit and nut trees, roses, grapevines, citrus fruit trees, coniferous evergreens, ornamental trees, deciduous shade trees, and bonsai trees.

857 perforated 25mm tape strips per roll; each measures 1in x 2-3/4in (unstretched), to create up to 1,714 tyings.

Product Information


Roll of 1" wide tape, perforated into 2 3/4" strips(unstreched) with 857 strips per roll. User may get several tyings from one strip. May do up to 1,714 tyings of smaller budded or grafted material. Best use of tape is to wrap twice above bud or graft, once over top of bud or graft, and twice again below bud or graft. Bud will emerge through tape without human interference. Tape is biodegradable and should be left on plant material until nearly or completely degraded. Do not remove tape by hand.

Product Features

Primarily made of paraffin, with a little rubber.

Product Benefits

Breaks down naturally, with no residue.

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from IA

Buddy Tape


This budding tape is so good, and so different from the competition, that its correct brand name is "Buddy Tape," because one feels that it is one's buddy in increasing graft takes and in usually eliminating opening of the tape during aftercare.

from IL



I like the product and can see that all the buds have calloused but due to drought conditions in our area this year, some buds did come through but grafts are still alive.

from RI

Handy stuff


have used it for budding roses. Much easier than using the heavy rubber bands recommended by many rosarians (my fingers can't do that). Very simple but I don't find it to be particularly biodegradable either.

from FL

Budding tape BT25


I have used this for a few years and find that it does everything you say it does. I have better success rates with BT25 and I dont have to worry about it slipping out of my hand like the rubber band. For me it is easier to work with than the rubber strips.

from MO

Perforated budding tape


An excellent product which is what we use for the greenhouse grafting of several "challenging" genera such as Juglans, Castanea and Quercus. Holds up well in warm greenhouse environment, and with the perforations, lends itself nicely to the size of rootstocks/scions we use.

from MI

Budding tape


I use it for Cornus, Acer and Ginkgo grafts in the spring. It is easier to use than the grafting rubbers I have used for years.

from IN

Budding Tape


Tape is easy to work with. Perforation sections are just the right length. A nice width also. I used the tape to bud roses. One rose bud has popped right through, most have not. I have left the bud intact as recommended. If the bud had not popped by next spring, I'll remove it.

from VA

Budding Tape


Excellent product. We get two apple bench grafts out of one of the perforated strips. Excellent seal. No girdling. I have seen another non-perforated "parafilm" on the market, however, which is much less costly. Plan to try the latter and compare--will switch if the product is similar, except for the perforation.

from NM

Difficult to do without


As we graft through hundreds of trees, we've been having some fun teasing ourselves about the end of buddy tape. What would we do? Grafting strips - hard to get rubber, plus that rapid unwind. Hemp twine - just try that out. Buddy tape is something you quickly get used to doing by feel - the perforations give you the right length, it stretches by warmth and pull to adhere to itself, and it tightly braces that graft union. It's ideal excepting if your fingers are cracked and it gets a little too hot. It seems there might have been a run on buddy tape this year, so the back-order put us in a race against the season. We'll be making sure to stock up for whatever the future brings.

from NC

BT25 Buddy Tape


Works good on summer t-buds and dormant chip buds. After the bud takes, I use a razor to remove from the understock the following spring, so I might dispute the claim that it self-deteriorates.

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