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PennMulch Seed Accelerator with Starter Fertilizer 40 Pound Bag

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100% weed seed free and breaks down over time!

PennMulch Seed Accelerator is a pelleted seed establishment mulch. It is comprised of recycled newsprint, starter fertilizer, and Moisture Cell Technology. This patented water-absorbing polymer retains moisture that is essential for germination. PennMulch is ideal for establishing a thicker, healthier lawn in one convenient application. It's adaptable to any soil type and features a tackifier to hold seed in place even on significant slopes. Unlike straw, it is 100% free of any weed seeds and breaks down overtime, requiring no raking or clean up

Product Information

Product Benefits
  • Reduces the likelihood of weeds
  • Saves time, money and labor
  • Easy to apply
  • Fertilizer analysis of 0.7-1.4-0.4
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