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Remembering to move the sprinkler every hour or two can be annoying. Why not try one that moves itself!

You don't need to baby-sit this one: just start it up and let it work for you! It follows the path of your hose (up to 200 feet), and the automatic shut-off ramp stops the sprinkler and shuts off the water when it's done. Maximum coverage of 11,000 square feet. Adjustable spray arms allow for a 15 to 45 foot wide path. Rust-resistant cast iron body with a durable brass hose connection. Powerful two-speed transmission can be set to high, low, or neutral speed settings (0 to 37 ft per hour). Rear wheel cleats "dig in" for traction. 6 year free-from defects in materials or workmanship guarantee. Manufacturer recommends using 5/8" hose with the Traveling Sprinkler.

Product Information


  • Rust-resistant cast iron metal body
  • Automatic shut off included
  • Effective coverage of 11,000 sq.ft.
  • Durable brass hose connection
  • Powerful two-speed transmission
  • Rear wheel cleats
  • Adjustable spray arms allow for 15ft to 45ft wide path
  • Product Features

    • Virtually identical to our old 1865 sprinkler


    • Manufacturer gives a six year warranty against manufacturer defects

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    from TX



    The sprinkler works great, however, after about two summers the sprinkler fails to move. I have purchased 2 sprinklers in the past 3 years and now the wheels on the second one will not move the sprinkler. I don't have the paper work or the box the sprinklers came in. What do you suggest?