Orbit Brass Hose Quick Connector Set with Auto Shutoff



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Quick couplers let you snap attachments onto your hose while the water is running.

Just pull back on the ring of the female coupler and pop the male end off. The water stops until a new end is snapped into place. Easy! Solid brass and made to last. The set includes one male and one female coupler. Buy additional ends so that all of your accessories and hoses are ready when you are.

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from PA

Water for the livestock.


I use these quick connects in the pasture to connect hoses to automatic watering buckets for my goats. I have three sets of buckets that are connected under pressure 24 hours a day for six months during the warm season. I have NEVER had a failure, and if I replace the washers every year, I never have a leak. Every couple of days I unsnap each hose and dump and clean the buckets. No need to turn off the water, the flow stops immediately. Very convenient. Being solid brass, they never rust. I assume the ball bearings are stainless steel.

from MN

Make life easier.


I like to use these and make everything I have that hooks to a faucet interchangeable. This is an excellent solution.

from CA

good solution


I like that I can change applications without needing to walk all the way back to the faucet to turn it off, change, then walk back to turn it on again. I paired this with the noodle and an couple of other applications that help an old lady with mobility issues get a bit of water to a dry scape.

from NC

Quick Hose Connections Makes Watering Easy


I have multiple sections of hose to drag around my mountain lot. The Quick Connect makes the task much easier - I also change the watering wand for pots, seedlings and then long distance - again the Quick Connect makes it "Quick"