Nutra Pro Fertilizer for Trees and Evergreens, 1 Year Controlled Release (16-8-8)

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So easy to use! Bury it and forget it; works for one year!

Controlled release fertilizer packets are designed to make it virtually impossible to over or under feed trees, plants and shrubs. Easy to use, simply bury the scientifically designed perforated packet next to the root system of the plant to be fertilized.

Plants will recieve correct amount of fertilization without the guesswork, mixing, measuring or mess, and the nutrients in the pack will remain in the root zone of the plant, eliminating waste.

Product Information


Nutri Pak 16-8-8 (1 Year formula) for trees, shrubs and evergreens. Packets are 1/2 oz. or 14.2 grams. Application rates follow FAQ's.

Product Features

  • Controlled release 16-8-8 fertilizer
  • Formulated for trees, shrubs, and rose bushes
  • Micro-pores

Product Benefits

  • Removes the guesswork from plant feeding
  • Makes it impossible to underfeed or overfeed
  • Easy to use - just bury it and forget it
  • Eliminates the time and cleanup of measuring and mixing
  • Poses zero risk of burning




HOW DOES NUTRI-PAK WORK? Moisture (in the form of a vapor) or condensation enters the packet through "Micro-Pores" located on both sides of the packet. This vapor (condensation) coupled with the warming soil causes the dry granular fertilizer to break down and become soluble. The pressure caused by heat and vapor then releases the now liquid fertilizer back through the same "Micro-Pores" and into the soil gradually. These nutrients are fed to the feeder roots located directly below the drip line of the tree, shrub or rosebush. HOW LONG DOES NUTRI-PAK LAST? NUTRI-PAK will last for 3 to 5 years depending on your locale and growing season. In "year-round" growing environments, where the soil is consistently warm and adequate amounts of moisture are present, NUTRI-PAK is guaranteed to last up to 3 years. In northern climates, where there is a definite dormant season (winter) or where temperatures drop and soil freezes, NUTRI-PAK is guaranteed to last up to 5 years. HOW CAN ONLY A 2 OZ PACKET OR GRANULAR FERTILIZER LAST UP TO 5 YEARS? Since NUTRI-PAK is enclosed in a polyethylene packet, the release of fertilizer is controlled. Consequently, a tree, shrub or rosebush only feeds when the temperature and moisture of the soil are correct, unlike granular fertilizer that cannot be controlled and often washes through the soil past the roots to the groundwater. HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO APPLY NUTRI-PAK? One application of recommended NUTRI-PAK will last up to 3 to 5 years (depending on locale and growing season) and will insure a sufficient nutrient base. Application is based on 1 packet per caliper inch of tree trunk diameter or 1 packet per each foot of shrub and bush height or spread. For maximum growth potential, add 1 packet per each caliper inch of tree trunk growth or 1 packet per each foot of shrub and bush height or spread each year. EXAMPLE: If you plant a 3 caliper inch tree, you simply place 3 NUTRI-PAK packets in the ground around the tree (according to directions on packet). If you plant a 2 foot height shrub, you place 2 packets in the ground (according to directions on packet). For maximum growth potential, one year later (when tree grows 1/2 to 1 more caliper inch) you would add 1 more NUTRI-PAK packet, etc. With NUTRI-PAK, future applications will not create burning since the initial application is nearly depleted. More importantly, the NUTRI-PAKs are "time-released" at a set rate, eliminating the possibility of "burning". HOW SAFE IS NUTRI-PAK FOR THE ENVIRONMENT? NUTRI-PAK is more safe for the environment than other fertilizer for the following reasons: Due to NUTRI-PAK's "Micro-Pore" packaging, the fertilizer is contained and will not wash away, thus preventing contamination of groundwater supplies, unlike other fertilizers. NUTRI-PAK is proven to increase the growth rate of trees or shrubs up to 25resulting in an accelerated conversion of carbon dioxide into much needed oxygen. The following illustration proves this point: Carbon dioxide conversion takes place during the growth of the tree or shrub. A tree or shrub not fertilized spends the majority of its energy seeking nutrients and has much less energy to convert carbon dioxide. A tree or shrub that is fertilized with NUTRI-PAK spends the majority of its energy converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and much less energy seeking nutrients. NUTRI-PAK is inserted 6 to 8 inches into the soil. Therefore it is not a threat to people or animals. Other fertilizers that are applied topically could potentially harm people or animals. The polyethylene packet begins breaking down into a fine polymer dust after 7 years and is then naturally consumed by the microorganisms in the soil. Unlike other plastics found in landfills that take 50 to 100 years to break down, the NUTRI-PAK packet is totally assimilated after 10 - 12 years. CAN I USE NUTRI-PAK 16-8-8 ON ANY KIND OF TREE, SHRUB, ROSEBUSH OR PERENNIAL? Definitely ! NUTRI-PAK contains the 3 basic nutrients needed for ALL plant life: Nitrogen (16 needed for greening and growth. Phosphoric Acid (8 need