Nutra Pro Fertilizer for Fruit and Nut Trees, 3 Year Controlled Release (16-16-16)



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So easy to use! Bury it and forget it; works for three years!

Controlled release fertilizer packets are designed to make it virtually impossible to over or under feed trees, plants and shrubs. Easy to use, simply bury the scientifically designed perforated packet next to the root system of the plant to be fertilized.

Plants will recieve correct amount of fertilization without the guesswork, mixing, measuring or mess, and the nutrients in the pack will remain in the root zone of the plant, eliminating waste.

Can be used during planting and on established plants. Packet lasts 3-4 years. Apply 1 pack per foot of shrub height, or one pack per inch of tree caliper.

Product Information


  • Packet count: 1
  • Packet material: Polyethylene
  • Packet volume (ounces): 1/2
  • Guaranteed analysis: Nitrogen (16%), phosphorus (16%), potassium (16%)
  • Effective lifespan (years): 3 to 5

Product Features

  • Controlled release 16-16-16 fertilizer
  • Formulated for fruit and nut trees
  • Micro-pores

Product Benefits

  • Removes the guesswork from plant feeding
  • Makes it impossible to underfeed or overfeed
  • Easy to use - just bury it and forget it
  • Eliminates the time and cleanup of measuring and mixing
  • Poses zero risk of burning


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