Nurture HydroFloat Seed Starting Kit with 8oz Fertelixir

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Get Your Seedlings Off to a Great Start!

Experienced gardener or beginner, you'll love the results you get from our Nurture HydroFloat Seed Starting System. Using the same float-type system used in commercial growing operations, it provides the ideal environment for quick germination and vigorous root development.

Our lightweight 55-cell HydroFloat high-density tray floats on water for optimal, even hydration of seedlings. The smooth sealed surface of the tray keeps roots from penetrating cavity walls so seedlings pull out cleanly minimizing root damage.

At the core of optimal germination are our Nurture Soilless Grow Plugs. They are fast to seed, mess-free, and easy to transplant with less root disturbance than traditional growing mediums. Made by combining premium peat and other beneficial organics with a foam binder to produce a stabilized propagation medium that provides the consistent moisture needed for seed germination.

Nurture Grow Plugs contain the micronutrients, active biologicals and proper aeration needed to promote healthy root growth and young plant vitality. Holes in each plug allow for easy planting of each seed, with no need to fuss with messy potting soil or covering your seeds. Seedlings suffer less transplant shock because the plug remains on the seedling supporting it through the transition to its next growing site. The clear dome is designed to recycle condensation back into the reservoir instead of making a mess. Seedlingers Plant Fertelixir is a universal, all-natural biological liquid fertilizer that aids in root generation, plant establishment and can boost flower and fruit production. It provides a slow, non-burning nutrient release and contains rich organic components.

Excellent for use indoors or out on any plant, but be careful, side effects of using this product may include vigorous plant growth, impressed family and friends, increased fruit production, jealous neighbors and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. A little goes a long way, mix 1 oz per gallon of water.
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