Night Stars Red and Green Laser with Moving LED Snowfall

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Dreaming of a White Christmas? Bring on the Snow with the Push of a Button!

The Night Stars™; Red and Green Laser with Moving LED Snowfall light combines classic red and green laser dots with the added effect of a white LED snowfall light display. No more relying on the weather to turn your home into a spectacular winter wonderland! And, you don't have to put this laser light in storage with all your other holiday decorations. Use it to give your next party a laser and/or disco ball atmosphere! It's rated for both indoor and outdoor use, so put your thinking cap on for how you can put it to use for other fun occasions. Plugs into standard household outlet with 20ft cord. Select between red, green, or snowfall, or a combination of lasers and snowfall with 4, 6, or 8-hour daily cycle. Remotely control with advanced RF Remote.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Operates best in temperatures of -4°F to 90°F.
  • Remotely control with advanced RF Remote
  • Adjustable snowfall fade and brightness settings
  • Projects brilliant points of red, green, and white snowfall led lights
  • Optional flashing lasers with speed control
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