Night Stars™ Celebration LED 12 Pattern Motion Projection Light

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Fun 365 Days a Year!

Night Stars™; Celebration Series LED Motion Projection Lighting System displays a kaleidoscope of festive, fun, and interchangeable images. Create a captivating experience for every occasion, from Christmas and New Year's to Halloween and Saint Patrick's Day. There are even giant butterflies to celebrate the garden season. Made for year-round use, the projector's specially designed slides are easy to use and transform any area in seconds! Select from 12 seasonal patterns, display in a fixed position or at 3 different selectable motion speeds. Ideal for interior and exterior walls, covers 2500 sq. ft. Plug into standard household outlet with 20ft cord. Timer provides 6 hour on/18 hour off daily automatic timer.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Operates best in temperatures of -4°F to 90°F.
  • Internal heating and cooling system keeps your light working properly within temperature rating
  • 6 Hour On / 18 Hour Off Daily Automatic Timer
  • Projects brilliant points of red, green, and white snowfall LED lights
  • Optional flashing lasers with speed control
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