New! Flexible Tomato Arches, 250 Count



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Provide support for your tomato plants!

These Flexible Tomato Arches have a strong durable plastic construction. They measure 6 mm in width. The accordion design of these arches increases flexibility and increases airflow to the stem. This airflow helps to prevent plant decay. This package contains 250 arches.

Use these Flexible Tomato Arches to increase support for any stems bearing a cluster of fruit. Attach them directly to the stem. For best results, use during the flowering stage.

The unique structure of these arches allows for quick and easy installation. They have a secure grip, which prevents them from falling off the plant.

Product Information


  • Material: Plastic
  • Width (mm): 6
  • Arches per package: 250

Product Features

  • Package of 250 arches
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Accordion design allows for increased airflow

Product Benefits

  • Support clusters of fruit on your tomato plants
  • Increased airflow to stem prevents decay
  • Unique structure allows for quick and easy installation
  • Excellent grip-strength prevents them from falling off the plant