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D&D Propagation Cups, chop, drop, and grow!

These cups offer an innovative system for growing clones in isolation. Each cup provides everything needed to develop a healthy root system. Making transplanting fast. Each box contains 48 individual cups. D&D Propagation Cups give each plant their own environment. This environment provides nutrients and allows the plant to recycle water and stay hydrated through condensation. These maintenance-free cups are extremely easy to use. Chop a stem from a healthy plant and drop it into one of the cloning cups. Watch it grow! D&D Propagation Cups combine reliability, portability, and affordability. These eco-friendly cups provide several benefits not seen in other propagation systems. They resist tampering, environmental instability, and human error. They also protect your plants by individualizing strains and preventing disastrous diseases and mix-ups. Use D&D to take the anxiety out of tray maintenance!

Product Information


  • Cup top width (inches): 3
  • Cup base width (inches): 2
  • Cup height (inches): 3
  • Cups per box: 48
  • Ship weight (pounds): 9-1/2

Product Features

  • Innovative propagation system
  • Grows clones in isolation
  • Contains everything the plant needs
  • Sold in boxes of 48 cups

Product Benefits

  • Gives each plant a self-contained environment
  • Accelerates health root development for transplanting
  • Maintenance-free and self-watering
  • Resist tampering, environmental instability, and human error
  • Individualize strains and prevent diseases and mix-ups
  • Environmentally-friendly and cost-effective


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