Natural Wood Pot Stakes

Thicker and stronger than other wooden stakes!

These pot stakes feature smooth-sanded edges. Their all-natural wood construction is both durable and environmentally friendly. Choose your desired size and bundle count below.

These wooden pot stakes are ideal for marking your potted plants or garden rows. They are very useful for identifying plants for sale. Use them to label flowers, herbs, vegetables, and more. They have a plain wood finish. This finish blends into the surrounding landscaping for a more natural look.

These pot stakes are thicker and stronger than similar wooden stakes. Their sanded edges eliminate the risk of splinters. These stakes are also available in coated and painted finishes.

Item # Bundle Count Length Size Width Ship Wt. Quantity Finish Stock Status Price Qty
WL4-PL 1,000 Stakes 4 Inches 4 inch x 5/8 inch 5/8 Inch 4 lbs. 1000 Natural In Stock $46.44
WL6-PL 1,000 Stakes 6 Inches 6 inch x 5/8 inch 5/8 Inch 6 lbs. 1000 Natural In Stock $51.54
WL8-PL 500 Stakes 8 Inches 8 inch x 5/8 inch 5/8 Inch 4 lbs. 500 Natural Out of Stock
WL10-PL 500 Stakes 10 Inches 10 inch x 5/8 inch 5/8 Inch 5 lbs. 500 Natural In Stock $50.54
WG10-PL 250 Stakes 10 Inches 10 inch x 7/8 inch 7/8 Inch 5 lbs. 250 Natural In Stock $36.44
WL12-PL 500 Stakes 12 Inches 12 inch x 5/8 inch 5/8 Inches 8 lbs. 500 Natural In Stock $67.74
WG12-PL 250 Stakes 12 Inches 12 inch x 1-1/8 inch 1-1/8 Inches 10 lbs. 250 Natural In Stock $55.64

Product Information


  • Color: Natural wood
  • Bundle count: Varies
  • Length (inches): Varies
  • Width (inches): Varies

Product Features

  • Wooden plant stakes
  • Natural wood finish
  • Smooth-sanded edges

Product Benefits

  • Durable and environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for marking potted plants and garden rows
  • Great for identifying plants at garden centers or farmer's markets
  • Natural wood finish blends into the surrounding landscaping for a natural look
  • Smooth-sanded edges eliminate the risk of splinters

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from ND

Good sturdy product


I use the orange 10 stakes in research plot identification. They are big enough to write all the needed information on and be able to easily read it. They are also very sturdy and I have had very little trouble with them breaking when staking the trials in hard ground. Great product!

from IL

Too big, doesn't last


I purchased the wood pot stakes, and am not 100% satisfied. They are much too wide to use in smaller containers. However, in larger pots, or in the ground they work fine. I began use in the spring, and by that fall they had rotted where they were in moist soil, so they do not last, and I would not be able to re-use them.

from PA

wood stakes work for us


We have been using the wood stakes to price our hanging baskets and vegetable pots. We put on our own printed lables,which have been working great for us.

from OH



Excellent quality, well-finished and polished (I bought a case of 500). Easy to write on. Have already used these both with outdoor planting and for seed trays (I cut them in half, which was easy with secateurs).

from OH

Pot stakes


Currently I use the whitewashed 4? stakes to mark cuttings in the pot. Sharpies mark and stay on the finish. The smaller size is perfect for the coding I use. But there is still enough room for more info. The stakes are heavy duty as advertised; if you break them you did it on purpose. The price was what caught me first but the quality made me smile.

from FL

superior stakes


These stakes are big enough to write large, plus include all of the details on planting. I use pencils, marking pens or even sharpies, all work well. They are heavy enough to stay in the pots, and hold up much better then the plastic in the hot humid conditions of south Florida.

from IN

plain wood 12 stakes for plant identification


I've used these stakes for several years now in my vegetable garden, and just purchased another box of 250 for the coming gardening season. Even though they are not coated, they last at least 2 years or more and are an excellent value for the investment. I like the 12 height because it allows me to secure the stake several inches in the ground and still have ample room above ground to see what's written on them, plus plenty of room to write the identification. I use a black permanent marker.

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