Natural Horticultural Vinegar, 20% Acidity, 1 Gallon

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A ready-to-use, convenient concentrated vinegar!

Our natural horticultural vinegar contains 20% acetic acid. Standard shelf vinegar typically contains 5% acetic acid. This non-toxic treatment also contains yucca extract.

The yucca extract in our horticultural vinegar acts as a natural surfactant, increasing the overall effectiveness of the product. This product provides many uses as an acidifying agent. The ready-to-use, concentrated formula requires no mixing or diluting. However, on hot days you may mix it 1 part vinegar to 1 part water when spraying weeds.

This jug contains one gallon of horticultural vinegar. Please contact us for larger size (55 gallon drum). See links section below for additional product information.

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from OR

No weeds, no toxins


Works very well on described weeds. A relief to accomplish control without toxins.

from PA

Phenomenal product I can use with with a conscience


This is a great product that allows me to kill weeds without harming the rest of the environment. Protect plants you don't want to kill, and this will do the trick on everything EXCEPT leafy weeds. I use it in shaded areas, under deck, mulched beds, you name it. Worth every $.

from WI

Bradfield Horticultural Vinegar


I use this product every summer. It is great to destroy weeds and is safe for the dogs and kids to be around. This is all I use for weed control. Love it and refer it to my friends.

from CA

Bradfield Horticultural Vinegar


This is a great product. It worked quickly and I especially like the fact that it is safe to use around my curious dog who loves to help me garden and sticks his nose into eveything. I did, however, have the overpowering urge to go into the house and dye Easter eggs because of the vinegar smell!

from NC

Horticultural Vinegar


This product is great for stone walks or stone areas around a garden. If applied during a sunny, non-windy day, it quickly clears the area of weeds without poisoning my raised bed garden. It is easy to apply with a small sprayer.

from OH

Bradfield Horticultural Vinegar


I am a custom gardener. Several of my customers are TOTALLY organic & the Bradfield Vinegar really zaps the weeds...we've even sprinkled a little salt on the foliage wet with vinegar - really fries persistant weeds, but of course, (and this is my main complaint)the sun needs to be shining & quite warm for greatest efficacy. I've rated it a "4" due to that requirement.

from OH

This one works!


I have had moss growing on my roof for many years. Five or six years ago I spent the extra money for special shingles that were designed to stop its growth. It did NOT work. I have tried many other deterrents, but they too failed. I finally tried Bradfield's Horticultural Vinegar Acidifing Agent. Within several hours the moss turned brown and died. It is an excellent product.

from ME

very effective product


This is very effective for weed control, and it is easy to use. I have even gotten rid of goutweed with it! You must use care not to hit plants you do not wish to kill. I try to use it on a sunny, dry day-but that is a personal decision. I try to not use chemicals and this really does everything one could ask. Highly recommended.

from NC

The demise of horsetail


The spread of the weed horsetail was winning. Digging the covering with tarps and newspaper was not working, and the use of Roundup helped only for a few days. Twenty percent vinegar not only killed the horsetail, but prevented its reoccurrence and spread.

from NY

Horticultural Vinegar


I have a brick patio next to my porch that has loads of weeds sprouting between the cracks. I wanted to destroy them without using toxic pesticides. The vinegar kept the weeds down for about two months and then they grew back. I would use it again, but I would then cover the patio with cardboard and weigh it down with bricks to ensure that the weeds do not return.

from OK

Great organic herbicide


The most organic herbicide on the market, not as quick kill as chemicals, but safer on wildlife and the environment

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