Natural First Cut Premium Bamboo Stakes, Bundle

First cut is 3 times stronger than wood, and is the best qualitymore elastic, sturdier and it lasts much longer!

Hand-selected, this first cut bamboo is 3 times stronger than wood and higher quality than what you can find elsewhere. Top quality bamboo with straight, flexible shafts and growth rings, or nodes, along the length of the cane that naturally vary in spacing. Sturdy and long-lasting. These are ideal for field staking, and great for use in the greenhouse or garden. Value priced per bale; buy by the bale and save!

For long-term durability before use, we recommend you store your stakes out of direct sunlight and at 65% or less humidity, with good ventilation. Keep the stakes bundled and off the ground until usage. ***Bamboo is a natural product. As such, there is a variance to the diameter of each stake from the base to the top. Depending on the height of the stake, the top diameter could be up to 40% less than the diameter at the base***

Item # Diameter Length Bale Count Stock Status Price Qty
N72 12-14 mm 6 Feet 250 Stakes Out of Stock
N96 22-24 mm 8 Feet 50 Stakes In Stock $63.49

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Tomato stakes


Have used these for years to stake my tomatoes. Lasts years longer than wood and are less costly.

from CT

7/16in x 3ft Natural First Cut Premium Bamboo Stakes, Bundle of 500


Bought these to mark Christmas tree seedlings in field, nice sturdy stakes, easy to see.

from PA

Fantastic deal!


Last week I received an email from A.M. Leonard offering free shipping for 4 hours. I decided to take advantage of the offer and ordered a bundle of bamboo (100x1"x6') that I needed for garden stakes and trellises. I placed the order at 1 PM on Friday, and the bundle was sitting on my front porch at 10 AM Saturday morning! That has to be some kind of record! Less than 24 hours...delivered on a Saturday...for FREE!! I still can't believe it! And this wasn't some 1 or 2 pound was nearly 60 pounds! And the bamboo is beautiful...all very straight and without blemishes...absolutely perfect for my needs. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

from CT

Great product in hard-to-find sizes


We bought a bundle of 8-ft stakes 15 years ago, and actually still have some -- three gardens later. We use them for plant teepees, and store them in the garage over the winter. It's amazing how well they've held up. I have never found such long, big-diameter poles at any garden center in Connecticut, and I've looked.

from CA

Terrible product; non-existent customer service


I bought the 1"x 8' poles. They arrived wrapped with one single string all beat up. Within a week they developed huge 2" cracks the whole length of the poles - rendering them entirely useless for my purpose. I emailed this company TWICE and never received a response. For the money I paid for them I am beyond disappointed. It took a great effort on my part to be able to afford them - and to have this company be absolutely indifferent certainly doesn't help matters.

Gardeners Edge: We have contacted the customer and are working to resolve the problem.

from FL

high quality bamboo


AML has the best outstanding 1st cut quality bamboo we have found. The cell walls and tubular thickness indicate these cuts come from a very well maintained supply with a tremendous availability of water for consistent growth, with no growth spurts and stops as you find with many higher priced suppliers. I can't grow it this good myself cost wise.

from WI

Good product Wrong job.


I tried to use the bamboo as snow stakes but they would break off if you struck them with a plow. Wrong application on my part.

from NJ

The natural bamboo stakes


I have just received and installed the bamboo stakes, of which I have purchased in the past. They are as always easy to install. I would recommend using them always since I have had good experiences with these natural bamboo stakes, as I have fenced out the deer which are always in this area, wanting to feast on the plants in my gardens.

from CA

quality counts


#1 I love the fact that it only took 5 days to get the stake to our nursery in N. California.... #2 when we use these stakes they don't break or bend, they are the strongest and most uniform stakes we have ever used... #3 you can't beat the price!!! ...last year we bought the 5'stakes and the 8' stakes, and the quality was the same. Thank you !! Keep up the good work!!

from OH

bamboo stakes


We really like them because they are strong, natural, long lasting, and very versatile. The price was very good, too!

from NJ

Natural Bamboo Stakes


I have purchased and installed the bamboo stakes along the perimeter of my property, to keep deer out. I like to garden and plant various trees, flowers, and shrubs and find that the only way to be successful is to fence the deer out. These bamboo stakes have been easy to install and stand up very well. I would not hesitate to recommend your natural bamboo stakes.

from OH

AM Leonard natural bamboo stakes


Have purchased these stakes in lengths from 3-7' and diameters from 3/8" to 5/8". Use them where I need a rigid, inexpensive, weather-durable, light-weight, biodegradable solution that is earthtone/natural in color. Especially practical for staking container trees and holding up plastic deer fencing. Insert them in the soil several inches, and have some that are still standing strong (having resisted rotting and deterioration) after 4 years.

from CA

Bamboo Stakes


The stakes are used in the forest to support planted native pine trees. They withstand the elements including deer and wind. They are strong and priced right for the job. We use 100's of the 1" and the 5/8" stakes each year.

from NY

Bamboo sturdy reasonably priced


These stakes at 8 feet ship UPS which is great and are really useful for anyone staking things in a vegetable garden. They are especially great for staking tomatoes. I may even use them to make fencing.

from OR



These are better than expected. Very useful. Made bean supports and use for plant supports.

from OR

like 'em


Just what I needed to help hold potted plant. Strong.

from NY

Excellent stakes: sturdy, long-lasting, sustainable and multi-use.


Over the past two years I've ordered 150 of 1"x10' bamboo stakes, and they have been indispensable on our farm. We've primarily used them for staking tomatoes (using the "Florida Weave" system) but they are also handy for staking flowers, anchoring mesh trellises, and extending fencing above our wooden fence rails. I chose these over other types of stakes because bamboo is a sustainably-grown (fast-growing, renewable) natural product that is extremely tough and long-lasting. They have held up very well and I expect to get many years of use from them (I store them in the shed for the winter). Also, AM Leonard's price on bulk bamboo stakes is the best I found in all my research!

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