Natural Bamboo Garden Hoops, 50-pack

Use bamboo hoops to support row covers—creates a great barrier against frost and garden pests.

Protect your vegetables and flowers with the aid of these unique hoops. Sturdy enough to brace frost blankets, poly and shade fabrics without collapsing or blowing away. Also provides great protection from nibbling pests when used with netting or row covers. Simply push the bamboo into the ground at the desired height and attach the covering. Sold in a set of 50.

These can also be used as a simple fence or edging. Divide your garden with an attractive scalloped border in natural bamboo.

Item # Size Stock Status Price Qty
BH60 60in L x 24in H x 28in W In Stock $27.41
BH40 40in L x 21in H x 23.5in W Out of Stock

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I would like to review this product but I NEVER received it.

Gardener's Edge responds: We apologize for the delay in shipping. This item is backordered and we're expecting to receive it next week. We apologize again for the inconvenience.

from WA



Easy to use. I needed these to keep a puppy out of my flower bed. They work well and look nice.

from NJ

Natural Bamboo Garden Hoops


This is our first season using garden hoops and we are very pleased with this product. We were able to plant snap peas (between snow storms), put the garden hoops over the peas and then use row covers over the hoops to form a tall protection from the elements. It also has helped keep squirrels and birds from picking at the peas. We used metal butter-fly clips to hold the row covers on the bamboo hoops. Once the snow clears, we're looking forward to using the hoops to protect other small plants and even extend our growing season in the fall. We purchased the 60" which will enable us to protect taller plants in the fall. Definitely would recommend!