Multi-Sharp® Pruner & Lopper Guided Sharpener



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Guided Sharpener Keeps Your Pruners and Loppers Sharp as New

Multi-Sharp® has been specializing in sharpening tools for the gardener for over 30 years in the UK. Their guided sharpeners are designed to allow you to accurately re-sharpen the blades of each particular garden tool at the correct angle for the best cutting edge. The result is faster, easier, cleaner cutting.

The Pruner/Lopper Guided Sharpener sharpens all types of secateurs: pruners, loppers, pruning knives, and scissors. Clamps to the back edge of the tool blade and the grinding jig ensures the correct angle. Puts a precision sharp edge on all seculars.

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from IL

Guided Pruner/Lopper Sharpener


It did a decent job sharpening but took a bit of time to get the hang of it.