Mr. Funnel® Fuel Filter



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Filters out any water and other contaminants as you pour the gas in the Mr. Funnel!

It's specially designed to filter out water, dirt and debris from the gasoline you pour into your snow blower, lawn mower, chainsaw, string trimmer, etc. When fuel is poured through the funnel, contaminants are collected on the bottom for disposal. 5-inch diameter funnel has a flow rate of 3.5 gallons per minute. Made in USA. Ship wt .5 lb

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  • Made in USA
  • Ship wt .5 lb
  • 5" W x 8 & 3/4" H funnel

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QUESTION: How do you use the funnel?ANSWER: There are three easy steps: 1. Insert funnel into item to be filled. Keep funnel level. 2. Pour fuel into funnel but not directly onto filter. 3. Dump the sump. Water and debris will collect in the sump, the area below the filter. Pour sump contents into separate approved container and treat as hazardous waste.Note: As water collects in bottom of funnel or if flow rate slows, stop refueling and dump the sump. Funnel requires no cleaning.