Mister Landscaper 100ft Vegetable Garden Drip Irrigation Kit

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Effortlessly provide an even amount of water to the plants in your vegetable garden.

  • Water up to 100-feet total of vegetable rows; maximum length for each row is 33-feet.
  • Solid poly tubing gives you the ability to run up to 50-feet of 1/2-inch solid tubing from faucet out to your garden—no wasted water.
  • Components to attach and run from 1/2-inch poly tubing maximum runs of 33-feet of the 1/4-inch in-line drip tubing down a row of vegetables.
  • 1/2 GPH drippers are molded into the 1/4-inch tubing every 12-inch; no need to install any.
  • Includes 5 of the 1/4-inch on/off valves to turn on and off the water supply to the 1/4-inch in-line drip tubing that runs to the various vegetable rows, allowing you to make up to 5 rows with this kit. Turn off the ones you dont need at certain times.
  • Expandable by attaching 3 more of these kits together or by purchasing extra 1/4-inch in-line drip tubing to add on to this kit, to make extra rows off the solid poly tubing.
  • Made in the USA.

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  • Waters up to 100ft of vegetables, in three 33ft rows
  • Pre-molded 1/2 gph drippers every foot
  • We recommend the 62057 timer with it

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from MA

Works as advertised


Very easy to set up. Works great. Wish I had the set up years ago.