Messina Wildlife's Goose Stopper Repellent Spray

No rotten egg smell! A pleasant spray you use just once a month to repel annoying geese!

An effective, pleasant-smelling, liquid repellent for use on all lawns, flowers, shrubs, forest, and fruit trees. Plus, it's a great value, too! Prevents foraging by geese and other small herbivores. Works by smell and taste. Apply once a month. Available in a quart, gallon, or 2.5 gallon sizes. Sure beats that rotten egg smell you may get in other repellents!

Item # Size Stock Status Price Qty
GSCHS Quart (covers 10,000 sq ft) In Stock $42.39
GSC128 Gallon (covers 40,000 sq ft) In Stock $131.29
GSC320 2.5 Gallons (covers 100,000 sq ft) In Stock $257.49

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