Messina Wildlife's Goose Stopper Hose End Spray, Quart



Item # GSCHS
Ship Weight 2.40 lbs
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An effective, pleasant smelling, liquid repellent for use on all lawns, flowers, shrubs, forest, and fruit trees. Prevents foraging by geese and other small herbivores. Works by smell and taste. Apply once a month.

Product Information


  • 32 oz hose-end spray bottle
  • Contents cover 10,000 sq ft
  • Active ingredients are putrescent egg solids 5.80%, mint oil 3.37%, and rosemary oil 3.37%

Product Features

  • Dries clear and odor free and works by taste and feel
  • Hose-end spray bottle can be re-filled with the concentrate, item numbers GSC128 or GSC320



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